Solitary 2.0 8/12 Season 2 Episode 1

First and foremost, I want the OLD Val voice back. (Yes, I can’t believe I said it either.)

I thought the recovering Alcoholic would have lasted longer. Same for the Katrina survivor.

The time track test was an obvious repeat of last season… but the oven box was a definite improvement.

Interesting that the opted to do the “bed of nails” on the feet only.

I figured that the soother was anything but. Then again, the hot sauce challenge from season 1 had red herrings also.

Looks like its going to be more of the same stuff from last season.

I thought that FOX was on the fence about re doing solitary. They had a Making of show, where they said that it was more than they signed on for.
That being said, I think something new MUST be in the mix this season. I have yet to see it, but the contest mix, and their histories / lifestyles already seems better than last season.

Mediocre first ep. I will see (and try to rememeber to catch the Eastern time slot) next week

Solitary 2.0 Saturday Night 11 PM EST (And 9 I think) on Fox Reality Channel.

Solitary and Who wants to be a Superhero grew on me last year / season… I’m getting in on both from day one this year. The only two Reality shows I care for, and I think some of the best of the genre.


I don’t have Fox Reality but this ep and a casting special/recap/intro were available for free download from iTunes. No way would I pay money for this. Sit in a box. Stand in a box. Sit in a smaller box. Stand on a pegboard. Repeat. Boring. None of the people are interesting enough to warrant caring about and none of them are loathesome enough that watching them suffer is compelling. Which strikes me as perhaps a flaw in the show’s concept. They show you all this background information to get you to care about the people and maybe root for a couple of them. But, if you care about the people the entertainment value of seeing them tortured is diminished.