The Solitary 4.0 Thread

It has been a few years. Hopefully this show has found a bigger audience.

I no longer get Fox Reality, so I am just now watching the first episode of Season 4. [4th season? Wow.] Thankfully Hulu just got the first episode:

Also, I heard strong rumors that this will be the last season of the show.
And the timing could not be better. The show finally found its feet, and if this is to be the last season, it looks like it will go out on top.

I am just 2 minutes and forty-five seconds into the first episode of season 4. And the Contestants are already handing it to val.

“I’ve been waiting to meet you. I love you so much”
“I kinda think you’re the enemy”

And the best send up to Val ever :

"You’ve been watching too many Saw episodes [sic] "

So, what do you guys think of this season?

Please use a spoiler tag around any results.