Solve a Movie Disagreement with a Ridiculous Compromise

Based on this:

I wanted to see Breaking Dawn, my wife wanted to see Lincoln, we saw:
Breaking Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln falls in love with a glittery vampire.

Forrest Gump and Rain Man:
Rain Forest Man: Really dumb Amazon tribesman goes on adventure.

A Star Wars is Born: Superstar Jedi Anakin Skywalker rises to the top, even as Yoda and the rest of the Jedi sink into oblivion.

Independence Day of the Dead: World liberates itself from a zombie invasion from outer space

Buena Vista Fight Club: A group of aging Cuban jazz musicians beat the crap out of each other. (But can’t talk about it.)

Fanny Hall: Porn film about a quirky young woman who likes neurotic New Yorkers.

The Rock of Ages: While performing a musical on Alcatraz the cast of Glee is kidnapped and executed by a rogue Special Forces team. And nothing of value is lost.

No Country for Old Men in Tights: The Sheriff of Nottingham struggles with a new brand of crime pervading Sherwood Forest.

I’d pay to see that
The Deliberate Stranger than Paradise: A slacker and his teenage sister meet Ted Bundy. Things don’t end well.

Breakfast Fight Club:
Pancakes VS. Eggs winner take all.

A Fish called Moby Dick:
Comedy about a man obsessed with a white fish.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Club:
Teens meet and have breakfast at Tiffany’s then fall in love.

Cider House Rules Of Engagement:
You want to drink the cider? You can’t handle the cider.

From the OP, couldn’t you just watch “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer”?

Summer School of Rock: Mark Harmon’s students and Jack Black’s students form a megaband.

Schindler’s Bucket List

that’s as far as im gonna go with this one

I was at the movies that premier night. We saw Skyfall.

Images of a DB5 doing donuts around the parking lot with machine-guns blazing are completely inappropriate for this thread.

The Princess Bride of Frankenstein: Buttercup is beyond the help of Miracle Max now …


AKA Plan Nine from Outer Space.

With Mickey Rooney as the endearing Japanese principal.