Some Errors in WLM upon update, But None Shown

When I open WLM my two email accounts ( and Hotmail,com), along with my feeds and my two newsgroups (both in annexcafe) are loaded with no problem. My WLM is updated every 10 minutes, and each time I get an error message for, but no error is shown. If I update manually by clicking on “update all” I get the false message; however, if I update with “all email accounts” I get no error message. This is no big deal as my emails are downloaded from the server without error, but it is annoying. I tried temporarily disabling my antivirus with no luck. It appears to me that the error is somehow caused by my newsgroups, as I get no error message if I just update all email accounts but do if I update all.

What the hell is “WLM”?

Just guessing here, but maybe “Windows Live Mail?” What used to be Outlook Express.


The only thing I can suggest is to go through and isolate which newsgroup(s) is causing problems. You know, the old “disable half, test, if it fixes it disable half again, if not, switch halves” method.

Thanks for your reply. I have only one newsgroup (annexcafe). I could remove that and it would resolve my problems. However, I have subscribed to two forums in annexcafe and I have them found useful in notifying me of various Microsoft issues, updates, etc.