Some Fine Words: Part Duh

Noting that Nickrz has essentially set up a null post, I thought I would not reply to his post by starting a new thread. Because, my replying to his post would imply, by the conditions which he stated in his initial comment, would imply that my IQ is in the lower four defined strata. However, I do not wish to reply to his message. Indeed, all I want to do is ask whether trolling is what my family calls fishing… where you hunt for an answer by badgering the snot out of your victims…

null post, you say? I see some people who took the bait…hook line and sinker… :smiley:

Don’t you think it is the other way around?

“Oh, I don’t want them to think I’m a moron, so I’ll not respond to his post, uh-oh”.

So, could it be that those who do not post are the ones who took the bait?


Not really, since his post didn’t seem to call for an answer. It didn’t say anything.


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