Some mortician living with a chestnut

I. Introduction

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II. Another feline demon

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III. Some mortician living with a chestnut

A diskette around a cargo bay gives a pink slip to the cloud formation. A cheese wheel rejoices, and a single-handledly impromptu corporation goes deep sea fishing with a chestnut beyond a hockey player. Now and then, some diskette of a pickup truck wisely plays pinochle with the blotched bowling ball. If some particle accelerator pees on a crank case beyond a girl scout, then some pine cone hides.

IV. An alleged demon

A blithe spirit from a bartender, a bowling ball, and a radioactive ocean are what made America great! An accurately cosmopolitan minivan trades baseball cards with the customer inside the hockey player. A cocker spaniel sweeps the floor, but another deficit beyond another pit viper greedily can be kind to the submarine. Now and then, a wheelbarrow beyond a blithe spirit recognizes the lazily dreamlike cloud formation.

V. Conclusions

A blithe spirit trades baseball cards with the infected cocker spaniel, and the mean-spirited turkey graduates from the non-chalantly outer defendant. When the warranty about an oil filter ceases to exist, an imaginative grand piano wakes up. When a warranty for the fighter pilot is elusive, an abstraction requires assistance from a blithe spirit of an oil filter. The line dancer thoroughly knows a righteous pork chop. A parking lot beyond a pine cone seldom writes a love letter to some hole puncher.

Lemme guess. Madlibs, right?

:: raising hand ::

May I mambo dog face to the banana patch?

Actually, it’s a random sentence generator.