Some thoughts, questions, after the election and its aftermath

My apologies if this seems disjointed and hard to follow. The events and character of this election has very deeply affected me and I’ve been trying to work out within myself my reactions. I think I’m at a place now where input from others can be useful, thus, this post.

Turbulent times, turbulent election.

Grandpa Joe is in charge now and who is needed at the moment. I’m sure he’ll be warm and nurturing of our hurting country, but firm.
For me, he isn’t the real star of the show. He’s just the introductory act.

Vice President of The United States of America, Kamala Harris.
That is who the real star is.

One heartbeat away, the first time a woman has been that close to the Oval Office.

When or if she occupies that place and bears the title of United States President, if, or perhaps even if not, the first woman to do so, she would be terrifying and wonderful. A truly no nonsense, get things done executive, brooking no guff from anyone. Many will, do, have, I’m pretty sure, called her some variety of bitch.

In my younger days, I would have been one of those, maybe, to invade the Capital, seeking blood and vengeance for wrongs, real and imaginary, done to me and those I would have called compatriots.

Now, with the life I’ve lead, the oaths I’ve sworn, I cannot even intellectually put myself in that place. Regardless of what you believe about the votes, how can you convince yourself that what happened wasn’t destructive and traitorous? Barr, McConnell, Hawely, Cruz, too many to list them all, hell, the congressional delegation from my own state for that matter, deserve nothing better than shunning and exclusion and expulsion from polite society for what they’ve done to our nation, culture, our society, me.

We were the shining city on the hill. Inept sometimes, shallow often, not always trustworthy, but that was because of what made us great. We were the great experiment. That’s gone now.

Bitter is the taste of ruined innocence, and forgiveness can never come for those who poisoned the draught from which I have drunk. For Trump, perhaps a small measure of sour pity, for I truly do believe that he is at best, the unintelligent figurehead, manipulated and controlled by his own self image and that cabal who called themselves his servants. But not forgiveness.
Nor do I feel any inclination to forgiveness for those who attacked us all at the seat of OUR power. Traitors, all of them.

And now I have to finish living my life wondering who I’m dealing with everyday. The rational, normal adult who can exist in a world where they don’t always get what they want, or the traitorous toddler with their fist raised in threat, ready to smash everything to get their own way, regardless of the negative consequences.

I’ve come to the end of my little diatribe now, and realized I have no question. For those who have read all of this, my apologies and thank you. I really did have a question when I started this, but somehow have forgotten what it was.

I have edited the title to make it more descriptive. Especially, to warn posters that you are veering into politics here.

Original title was “Some thought, questions, after the fact”.

Thank you.

Read and enjoyed, and largely agree. Harris is going to be front-and-center for quite some while, as the Senate tie-breaker. Biden and she have the potential for really good team-work.

I’m curious to know, you said, “largely agree”, what part or parts do you not agree with? I ask, not as a debate, but as seeking other opinions than my own as I process this within myself.

For myself, I can see eventual forgivness for those who attacked the capital. This was or is a time of high emotion and not much thinking through. I tried to word it such that for those people, non-forgiveness wasn’t an absolute.

Nothing more than perhaps a slight difference of emphasis. I think Biden is the “main act” and Harris, while I expect wonderful things, is the supporting actor, not the star.

re forgiveness for the Jan 6 seditionists…sigh… Yes, that will probably be wise. I suggest the course should be to try them, convict them, sentence them, and then pardon them, the way George Washington pardoned the leaders of the Whisky Rebellion. We don’t want them to be cast as martyrs or “political prisoners.” Still, they need to be tried and convicted and formally known as criminals. A pre-emptive pardon is too lenient.

Ah, yes, I don’t disagree with your emphasis. I feel somewhat the same and it makes it more difficult to sort out and express myself on this. Regarding President Biden and Vice President Harris, she could and possibly will/has stolen the show. Well, she has in that she’s the first woman VP of course.

Editorial note; it feels weird and somewhat inconvenient in a happy way, to use and type the titles President and Vice President with the respect and capitalization those words normally deserve once again.