Somebody, quick, identify this tune! He's going mental!

Over the last two horus I’ve been carried to the brink of blackest insanity trying to remember where I heard this one sliver of a tune that’s happily rattling around inside my head. I want to find it. I want to know what it is, so I can own it, and listen to it whenever I want to. But alas, the place where I first heard it completely eludes me, and so I turn, head in hands, to the Teeming Millions.

Now, this probably requires a fairly specialized type of person to answer, so maybe “Teeming Hundreds” would be a bit more accurate. Specifically, I need someone who’s into the band Blonde Redhead and preferably watches a lot of movies. If you fit neither criteria, you probably can’t help. Thanks for reading this far. Feel free to peruse the salad bar and enjoy our in-house entertainment.

Now, the tune in question uses the same tone progression as Blonde Redhead’s Bean, that lilting sample that underscores the first four of the song’s minutes. Take that sample and place a heavy, reverse breakbeat over it (reverse in this case meaning that a snare takes the usual place of the kick drum and vice versa). Put it in a movie.

I know it was a movie (or possibly a TV show). That’s the one thing I’m certain of. It wasn’t on the radio, or on someone’s CD, or in an mp3 file. There was a scene attached to it. When I think of the tune, I get a vague memory of what type of scene it was; I think it was some sort of über-stylized “we’re about to do some really really Cool Stuff™, so check out these slow motion shots of us preparing for our big battle and looking all hard” action movie scene. There’s a chance I could be abysmally wrong, but I’m fairly certain I’m not. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please please speak up.

In all honesty, I’m not sure if any of you have the necessary degree of specialized geekhood to answer this, but you never know when the Teeming Millions are gonna surprise you. Fingers crossed, in any case.

Observe now the look on Fnoonf’s face when, in full accordance with Appendix E, Clause 36 of Murphy’s Book of Laws, he suddenly, abruptly remembers where he has heard the tune at the exact same instant his finger clicks down on the “Create New Thread” button.

Mods, got a padlock I can borrow?

(And if anyone’s curious, it was a tune from the British series Spaced, specifically the episode where the pair go to the dole office. Thank you, drive through.)