Somebody set off a bomb in a Target Womens' Room

No one was hurt.

It was a small bomb.

Evanston, IL.

I’m so angry I can’t even talk.

The lowest common denominator strikes again.

I’m glad these are the people defending our traditional moral values.

Moral values which apparently include attempted murder of random bystanders, terrorism, and hatred of non-binary individuals.


Target. Oh, the irony.

Domestic terrorism. Send in the drones.

So… someone should have been hurt by a larger bomb in Joliet, instead?

“Plastic bottle” - sounds like a dry ice “bomb” to me.

It does show they could have brought in the real thing.
Possibly, this was a warning.

“They’ve determined that the explosive device, which involved a plastic bottle, was homemade.”

Now that’s some good detective work right there…

“I’ve checked all the bomb stores in the state and none sell any made with an empty 7up bottle… it must have been home made.”

Shouldn’t be too hard to catch. Probably warned their mother or sister or the baby sitter with their kids telling them to stay away on Thursday.

While we’re keeping this local, I saw a couple of crazy kids in Wilmington roll up aluminum foil and stuff it into a 2 liter bottle that had some muriatic acid in it. They capped it and threw it, and it went off like a shotgun. A little south of Joliet, that was.
But yeah, screw right wing loonies who terrorize bathrooms. If that’s what this was.

If it is a dry ice bomb, then it could be kids, and stripped of social context.

This may be less “terrorist” than it is Beavis And Butt-Head.

So recreational outrage then?

So recreational trolling then?

Oh sure. It’s only scary if a Muslim does it.

Apparently, the police have a 44 yo woman in custody as a “person of interest”. They say the bombing wasn’t related to any Target policy as for as they know yet.

She’s probably just The Bomb Fairy and accidentally dropped it there when she stopped in to powder her nose. Nothing to see here!

Only premature accusations if people assume it was a Muslim who did it.

Merneith is the one who is trolling.

First it was a transgender issue. Then it was a Muslim issue. Without evidence.

It could have been a kid, or a crazy person. :dubious:

No mention of transgender in the OP.

The Muslim mention was sarcasm. As you well know.

There wasn’t?

That was a quote from the article , not the OP.
You’re attributing that view to the OP.

OP also means Original Poster.