Somebody stole my christmas tree

Well not the one at home.

While I was decorating the house a few weeks ago, and on a run to Home Depot, I noticed they had small potted Christmas trees about 2 feet tall, for about $12. I grabbed one on the way to the checkout. I also bought a small strand of battery operated colored lights.

I took the tree, lights and a few ornaments to decorate the tree and put it outside my office at work. I received several comments about how festive my little tree was.

This morning the tree is gone! :mad:

Possibly, someone is pulling a practical joke and I will receive a ransom note or something. Or it could possibly just be the Grinch taking it away to repair one of the lights and it will be back soon!

My best guess is that one of the cleaning crew took the tree last night. If so, I hope they have small children that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten a Christmas tree.

If anyone sees a small Christmas tree on the loose wearing a red pot, colored Christmas lights and a few nutcracker ornaments, please let me know.


This happened to me at work a few years ago and it turned out that night security had reported an unauthorized electrical device to the facilities department, which had confiscated it.

I got it back after promising up and down that I would unplug it every evening before leaving because it was a fire hazard.

Right. It had fiberglass light filaments. It was less of a hazard than the standard office lighting that was all over the building.

My parents’ house had several evergreen bushes on one side. They were mostly there as a windbreak and weren’t pruned at all but grew, more or less naturally, in a Christmas tree shape. One year we woke up on Christmas morning to find one of them gone, sawed off at ground level.

I had decorations stolen off my desk at work. I hoped the person who took them had a lousy holiday.

I worked for FedEx and volunteered annually to decorate my group’s area during the holidays. One year I saved used FedEx boxes (still nice), which I embellished with big bows on and stacked on top of a filing cabinet with some ribbon and tinsel and stuff.
Within a couple of days, the boxes disappeared.

There was no reason anyone would want them. I thought maybe I’d violated some unknown rule, but no one could figure out what that rule might be.

Almost two years later, I came across the boxes, still with bows, stacked in a dark corner of a store room. WTF?

A neighbour many years ago had a huge lawn display, and one morning couldn’t see his sleigh (with Santa in it).
Later on he discovered it down the road, half-sticking out of a dumpster.

We lost a tree once. It was a big mystery that has never been solved.
OP I think you’re right. Cleaning crew. But, do let us know if you get a ransom note.

My brother’s wedding ceremony was at a local banquet hall on December 15 about 25 years ago. At the end, we loaded all of the gifts in the car but in our rush we also took all of the wrapped empty boxes that were used as decoration under the Christmas tree in the hall. We didn’t figure that out until later.

Did any of you Christmas décor theft victims happen to find a tuft of green fur in the vicinity, or single toe footprints?