Someone/thing posting as "iPhone 6s" on my Facebook wall.

Wall? Is that what you call it? I don’t know much about Facebook. I have an account and look at it a few times a week. Sometimes I find interesting information from friends; most of the time it’s a real waste of time.

So, now someone or something called “iPhone 6s” is posting messages on my wall, or whatever you call it.

What is it and how do I unfriend this entity? And has anyone else been friended somehow by this presumed bot?

…okay, obvious question first: do you own an iPhone?

What led you to friend it to begin with?

Mouse over the offending post and a small down arrow will appear in the upper left corner of the post. Click on it and you’ll get options to deal with the post, including “unfollow” or “hide all posts by”.

No. Blackberry.

I don’t think I ever did?

I’ll try that tonight when I get home. Thank you.

I don’t see an arrow. I don’t see this thing in my friends list either, but I keep getting posts by it. The posts are sexually suggestive with scantily-clad young women in them. I really don’t want this shit on my newsfeed, or wall, or whatever it’s called.

OK. I think I got rid of it. Mousing over, I got three option buttons: “Like,” “Unlike,” and Message."

I clicked “Unlike.” I’ll see what happens. I think my 16 year old daughter may have instigated this, since she was poking around in my Facebook account last week, before logging into her account.

To answer your question: you can post as anything you want. E.g. Microwave, toaster, alien spaceship. How it works is it’s really an app, like you might see some people posting via Candy Crush. If you click on the “iPhone 6S” words you should go to a blank app page. If you want to post messages like these yourself, you can find sites that do this by searching.

It’s odd that you can see both like AND unlike. Normally you’ll only see like, which changes to unlike after you’ve liked it.

If you really don’t like that person or suspect it’s a bot, you can click on their name / picture which takes you to their page. On the right there are buttons like “Friends”. If you click on that you’ll be able to unfriend them. If you just want to stop seeing their updates, I think the option is now called “show in news feed”. People aren’t informed when you unfriend them.

Oh wait, I think it’s a page you’re seeing. But the steps should be the same.

This should also work, but the arrow is on the top right. The nice thing about FB is you can hide almost every kind of thing by looking in the top right and there’s a option similar to “I don’t want to see this”.