Something about Funeral posts.

I know this post treads somewhere into IMHO, but I am asking for a legitimate answer on this. Given that there are so many damn posts about Death/Funerals today, am I missing something? Is today’s date having something to do with honoring the dead? Serious question.

One particular user has been bumping a lot of threads on the same topic. Most of the threads have been closed.

I don’t know that they need to be locked. Coffinman has generally been giving good, new info. Although as I mentioned in another thread, seeing all the funeral threads is kind of a bummer.

There is something poetic about funeral-related zombies, though.

Moderator Action

Let’s go ahead and move this to ATMB (from GQ).

Coffinman is raising an unholy army of the night to command at his whim.

I noticed that, too. Glad someone brought it up.

If it was only one or two threads, I would have left them open, but since it’s a large number of threads they have all been closed to discourage this sort of behavior.

That said, I don’t want to completely stifle a worthwhile discussion just because one poster was misbehaving. If there is a particular thread that you want re-opened, just let me know and I will re-open it for you.

Fair enough.

Hell, this place was just dead today, anyway.

e_c_g, there are still a cadre of Zs in other fora, you have you work cut out for you.

I see what you did there. :wink:

Oh, Ok. It makes sense now, sorry for starting a pretty useless thread. I was just shocked how I didn’t see any “Abrams tank versus sperm whale” type posts and only funeral/death threads. Was a total downer.

Ha! I didn’t even see what I did there. I’m not that clever. Not on purpose anyway.

Yeah, there’s something wrong/annoying/creepy about opening a forum and the top 7 threads are all locked funerary threads.

So far I’ve counted at least 15 locked zombies. With a handfeul more that probably will be locked soon. So what is that, if not an unholy army of the night? An unholy platoon of the night?

In 3 different forums, yet.

It’s like the chicken board attack, only with corpses instead of chickens. :dubious:

ETA: I counted 16 locked zombie threads on the topic. Had to take off both socks to keep track!

Well, there supposedly is a fording kit for the M1-family of tanks, although I think that it’s the Marine Corps that pretty much exclusively uses them.
So “Tank vs. Sperm whale,” while not really plausible (less so even than Tank vs. DDG), is, in the boundless realm of imagination, remotely plausible; call it “Lottery odds, or worse,” and leave it at that.

Since they’ve all been resuscitated by the same poster (who doesn’t seem to be returning to the same thread more than once after reopening them—not that there’s any reason why he should, necessarily), I would think that a note to that poster might be more effective than closing the threads.

Yeah, it’s a little thin for an army. Maybe he’s putting together a zombie basketball team?

From what I saw, he was told more than once to knock it off.

And still he persisted…