Something I've noticed about Ben Carson

Has anyone else noticed that there don’t seem to be any interviews or articles about people who grew up with him, or from his relatives?

Many of the stories about his upbringing set off my hinky meter, and there doesn’t seem to be any backup one way or another.

Maybe we should ask to see his birth certificate.

There’s a simple explanation for that. They all died under mysterious circumstances.

Mysterious “brain surgery related” circumstances?

Well, there is the story about how he once tried to stab someone, and that one appears to be made up from whole cloth.

Actually, it just changes in the retelling. It could be made up(although it’s an odd thing to make up), or one of the versions could be true. I’m sure the media is looking for Bob. In any case, it doesn’t really matter. Might as well say that Bush made up being an alcoholic. People usually have triggers for becoming born again. For Bush it was alcohol and drugs, for Carson it was his anger issues nearly resulting in him killing a friend.

As a kid who used to get pretty hot when pushed, I, much like Carson, am much calmer and more relaxed than your average person. The best way to keep yourself from losing your temper is to not allow yourself to get angry in the first place. Seeing how calm Carson is tells me that he must have had similar issues at one time.

At this point, I’m starting to wonder if he’s even really a brain surgeon.

Some people think that was his sarcastic nickname.

I haven’t seen interviews with childhood acquaintances or relatives of any presidential candidate.

Carson does seem to be unnaturally calm. That makes me suspect he is suppressing emotions and may blow up emotionally someday.

It doesn’t really work that way. He’ll have the opposite problem: unable to work up sufficient anger even when it’s justified. Imagine another 9/11 and President Carson speaking to Congress: “Today we were attacked(yawn). It was pretty upsetting. I only slept six hours last night.” When you suppress your anger for years it doesn’t “bottle up” contrary to popular belief, you kinda just forget how to get truly pissed.

I’ve seen the draft for his next book, where he claims he shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

Has anyone noticed if he has particularly pointed ears? Is his blood copper-based (green)? Does he have emotional outbursts every seven years or so?

It is logical to ask these questions…

Serenity now, serenity now…

Can you be more specific, please?

Or one of those Mannacare happy-time meds.

That is the most absurd sort of attack on somebody’s character, and I wish people would stop doing it. If somebody displays evidence of character trait A, it is stupid to insinuate that what it actually means is the exact opposite of A.

What are you implying? He’s a plant? A Kenyan? What?

There’s a chance he might just be the gardener. Being there is all he does.

A Lizard Person.

Speculation is not stupid. A better word would be “imaginative”. Not learning from your mistakes is… not good. IIRC you were warned about insults in Great Debates recently.

So I did a little research on repressed anger.

Quote from
“Over a long period of time suppressed anger takes its toll on the body and causes high blood pressure, insomnia, heart problems and possibly cancer amongst many other ailments. The truth is that all emotions affect the body when they are suppressed, however anger is particularly damaging because of the colossal energy that goes into this emotion.”