Obama and Dr. Carson-Why The Scowling?

I was just watching the speech by Dr. Carson…Obama was clearly unhappy. Granted he (Obama) doesn’t like being upstaged. But I found his expressions pretty strange-why didn’t he just adopt a bland smile?
The scowling implies extreme anger-seems that professional politicians ought to avoid such posturing.
I also heard that Obama was mad because the speech had not been submitted in advance (for review and approval)-is this true? I find it strange that such an informal, non-political gathering should not be an occasion for politicking-or am I wrong?

I have no idea who Dr. Carson is, or what the hell you’re talking about.

Link:- YouTube

That’s the most neutral scowl I’ve ever seen.

Because Obama is a master of the Evil Eye. (Some people have faces that just retreat to a scowl for the neutral position.)

I was just reading the post by ralph124c…he was clearly concerned about Obama scowling. Granted he (ralph124c) doesn’t like Obama. But I found his weak-ass concern troll shtick pretty lame-why didn’t he just say “Obama is teh suxx0rz”?

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Um, the President is looking UP. He’s trying to look at the face of a man whose head is 3’-4’ above his eyes. Pretty much impossible to avoid having the sides of your mouth pulled down in that circumstance.

Mistakenly thought we were already in that place. Apologies.

I have not listened to the audio of the Youtube clip, but I did zip through it. I can’t tell if Dr. Carson was talking about planning an all expenses paid golf vacation to Scotland with the President, or telling the President that he was going to get a surprise colonoscopy after dinner. Primarily because my audio was off, but also because I really didn’t see any visible reaction from Obama.

Yet again, I have no idea what ralph124c is looking at, because he certainly hasn’t shown it to us.

Obama is scowling because Dr. Carson was criticizing many of Obama’s fiscal policies, as well as other things.

Is this a scowl? Or is is the obnoxious smirk of a socialist?

This must be a super-duper scowl. Dagger eyes! Obama daydreaming about “annihilating Republicans.” This one is just one of those burps that you suppress by half-swallowing it. World record scowl. Obama menacing conservatives by showing his teeth. Scowl at a vertically challenged American. Pensive scowl.

I’m sure if we knew the context of each one of those photos, it would be even easier to conclude that Obama was deeply unhappy in each picture.