Something I've recently noticed about commercials

In the 1980s, they started putting black people in commercials. In the Southwest, some big companies like McDonald’s had Spanish-language commercials with all Hispanic actors.

In more recent years, they’ve added Asians, both East and South, and mixed-race families.

Now, I’ve noticed that a lot of the women are “pregnant”, and not in commercials where this is relevant.

I’m not complaining about it or anything; it’s just something I recently noticed.

Anyone else?


Didn’t we do almost this exact same thread a few days ago?


Not really. My thread specifically addresses “pregnant” (because they may not really be that way) women in commercials, and wondered if anyone else had noticed this seemingly new trend.

You might have noticed that “Jan” looks pregnant in the latest Toyota commercials.
That’s because in real life Laurel Coppock is pregnant.

You’re right, I really didn’t make it past the first sentence.

I noticed the weather woman is often pregnant.

What I’ve noticed about commercials lately is drug commercials now say something like “Don’t take Ambilifien if you are allergic to Ambilifien.” Every day we move closer to Idiocracy.

Also, “before taking<miracle treatment for [disease]>, be sure to tell your doctor you have [disease]”.

I have to admit that I haven’t noticed a particular trend toward pregnant women in commercials. Not saying it isn’t there, but I haven’t noticed it. I didn’t even notice that Jan is pregnant.

I have noticed that it looks like Progressive might be phasing out Flo, in favor of her trainee/assistant/colleague Jamie. I’ve seen at least two Progessive commercials recently with Jamie in the featured role, and Flo nowhere in sight.