Something that'll entertain your toddlers

It’s a DVD entitled Essential Ballet. Check it out at amazon, then order it from them or rent it online.

The first part is a performance by the Kirov Ballet at Covent Garden, England. It’s 1992, and inside the theatre, we see British luminaries (including Princess Dianna) meeting a few children in their dance number costumes.

Then out comes the conductor to nice applause and he leads the Kirov Orchestra in a rousing Tchaikovsky Polonaise. My (almost 23-month old grandkids watch all this enthralled. Then comes the real treat. 12 boys and 12 girls in their splendid costumes come on stage and dance. These are all preteens, I think. Maybe a teen or two, but I somehow doubt it.

Well this 5-minute dance knocks my grandkids and me out. If they happen to be standing in front of the set, the boys try to imitate the dancers. Cute as hell.

You will be charmed out of your mind over this segment. I guarantee it.

After that, a prima ballerina named Julia Makhalina comes on and does one of the sweetest and sexiest ballet dances I’ve ever seen. It’s an Adagio* from Swan Lake. (She’s accompanied by a male dancer, but I hardly notice him. The kids lose interest in this number, but Papa is riveted!

Three of the kids - two girls and a boy - come back later on to perform the Dance of the Mirlitons from the Nutcracker. It’s wonderful.

Hell, the whole DVD is great stuff.

Part II of the DVD is an outdoor performance by this same company, but this time in Red Square. Lots of good stuff here, too. All different numbers from those at Covent Garden.

  • c. (esp. in ballet) a love-duet sequence in a pas de deux

Definition from

My two year old wants to be a ballerina! She’ll start dance classes next week and I think she’ll love that. Gotta go shopping…

It’s at Netflix: