Something that's bugging me... (music related)

I don’t have a CD by any band or artist that begins with KE.

My collection goes straight from Judas Priest, Kansas, Katatonia to Killing Joke, King Crimson, King Diamond. Since I have 2,200+ CDs in my collection, that’s like a gaping hole in the wall. What’s worse, I can’t even think of any band that would fill that void…does ANYTHING start with KE?

Seriously, this has been bugging me for weeks.

There’s an English pop band named Keane.

Keb Mo
R. Kelly
Kentucky Headhunterns
Alicia Keys

Run out and buy everything you can get by the wondrous Mike Keneally.

Tommy Keene is a pretty good if little known singer-songwriter. Possibly not heavy enough for you, though.

No hip-hop, please. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions so far. (Any metal fans out there? I finally thought of KEEL, but they kinda suck…)

Keb Mo, R. Kelly and Alicia Keys are R&B, definitely not Hip Hop. That’s all I got, besides KRS 1 and The KLF (which actually ARE Hip Hop!)

I went to Dark Lyrics and found the following Ke* bands listed:

[li]KEEP OF KALESSIN[/li][li]KEKAL[/li][li]KEMET[/li][li]KENZINER[/li][li]KEVORKIAN[/li][li]KEY OF MYTHRAS[/li][/ul]

Sorry about the all caps. but that’s how they’re shown on the site.

:confused: Keb Mo is an incredible blues musician who pays homage to traditional blues, and also does cutting edge new stuff. And he is a very cool guy.

Blues is interesting, I like blues. (Sorry if my earlier remark offended anyone, R&B simply isn’t my cup of tea.)

I have no idea what your interest level is for Robert Pollard/Guided by Voices, but if it’s fair or better you could do worse than to pick up “Blues and Boogie Shoes” by The Keene Brothers, one of Bob’s (many) side outfits.

I like it a lot, but I like GbV a lot, so take that for what it’s worth.

Kenny Wayne Sheppard
Kelly Bell Band
K.C and the Sunshine Band

Kenny G!!! :smiley:

Kenny Chesney
Kenny Wayne Sheppard
Kenny Loggins
Keith Urban


They’re hard rock/metal

Kenickie. A late 90’s, girl fronted pop band.

Man, I haven’t heard of Kelly in ages - we shared the bill on numerous stages throughout the MD/DC/VA area throughout the mid-90’s.

Amazing talent and a really nice guy. I strongly recommend anybody into blues and funky grooves to check him out.

'Twixt your Katatonia [never heard of 'em] and Killing Joke, I’ve got:

KC & the Sunshine Band
Keren Ann
Kid Creole & the Coconuts

I wouldn’t recommend them for the same set or mix tape, but they’re all pretty good.

Except for the last, wouldn’t these be filed under last names, though?

I actually have a Kid Creole & the Coconuts song. They’re…weird.

But, umm, “K.C.” doesn’t start with “K.E.”, last I checked. :wink:

And yes to what Hazle Weatherfield said, it has to be last name / first name. Otherwise, I’d just fill the gap with Kenny Rogers and be done with it. :cool: