Something went RIGHT for a change!

My mom asked me to make some address labels for her. So I fired up Word and used the Envelope/Labels feature; and lo and behold, it worked! And even more amazing, I had to configure a custom label size since none of the defaults was the right size, and it came out perfectly! Life should always be like this.

So what’s gone right for you lately?

I tied my shoes this morning - all by myself.

I got all four of my cats into harnesses in preparation for a three-day road trip - and I didn’t get a single scratch.

Yesterday, I took my 90 day evaluation test at work. I got a 99. Today, I went over it with my supervisor, and the question that I got marked wrong was, in fact, right. :slight_smile: I got 100! Yay!

I picked up the keys to my new apartment. I’m no longer homeless!

I threw a crumpled up piece of paper into a garbage can across the room (about 30 feet) WITH A WITNESS.