Something you did that sounds wrong but is totally innocuous

The Wrong…

I peeped in the bedroom window of an underwear-clad teenage girl.

The Innocuous…

I was walking my dog late at night when I heard this really loud screech. I look up and see a teenage girl standing in front of her wide open bedroom window singing along with some terrible song in her underwear. She jumped back and the curtains went down real fast.

What about you?

When I was a kid at the lake one summer, I went to my friend’s cabin and knocked on the door. As I waited for him to come out, my attention was caught by something moving in the darkness inside the cabin. Just as my vision adjusted enough to see what it was, my friend’s mother in white bra and panties saw me staring at her through the screen door and slammed the bedroom door shut. Lucky for me, the family found it funny because the innocent protestations of a boy on the verge of puberty carried no weight with them at all.

Today, I masticated in public.

Well…I once buried a man alive…

(But it was only for a live-action role-playing-game; he later popped up out of the ground as a zombie, scaring heck out of the other team of adventurers!)

I slept with my orchestra conductor.

In reality, I stayed over at her place a couple of times and we shared the same bed. We did nothing sexual.

Is that what they are calling it nowadays? :wink:

No, not now a days. They called it that on Dawson’s Creek fourteen years ago.