Sometimes I really hate my race. (

Sorry, no energy for a creative pitting.

I knew that after the last election that racism wasn’t resolved or over and done with; but I didn’t anticipate just how virulent, recharged and emboldened hatred of African-Americans could be.

I was performing a search based on some local newsworthy events when I stumbled across the site (not linking to it — it’s not safe for work and light years worse than pictures of naked people). This is the darkest side of freedom of speech. I am at a loss for words. Has anyone else heard of these people?

I guess one sliver of good that could come out of this is so long as people are outing themselves as hatemongers on something as public as a website, the FBI can monitor their activities should speech turns into action.

I feel dirty for even having had that in my chache.

Besides the overly obvious reasons why that site is completely fucked up, backwards, offensive, wrong, evil, stupid, racist, etc, holy fuck, is their web designer 5 years old? Guess racists fuckheads are too dumb to make a good website. Which makes complete sense. Pretty much the site appears to be a bunch of bullshit and a lot of n-word usage.

Crime in my area (greater St. Louis) has been going up or at least appearing to go up over the past few years. My local area especially has seen a big increase in violent crime, up from pretty much none to a noticeable amount.

Holy shit, there are a LOT of racist people out there. Every local news site/board is full of racist comments on any story about crime, especially when the article says the accused perp or whatever was black (people assume if it’s not stated as well). It makes me sick. To generalize what these people are saying: “black parents don’t give a shit about their kids, are probably on welfare/poor/sell drugs/other stereotype, are horrid parents, raise their kids to be ‘baby thugs,’ the baby thugs all rob and pillage their own neighborhoods, shoot people with impunity, don’t work and take your shit instead, when there were less black people here it was so much better, let’s all move to a more white area.”

That’s not even overexaggerating. It’s sick. And I never notice anyone being outwardly racist IRL, but tons of people around here deem it A-OK to spout this shit all over the internet, so they’re thinking it. My neighbors. And if the news sites/local boards didn’t have heavy moderation/filters, I am sure it would start looking a bit more like the website this thread is about.

I knew racism was still out there, but it’s just so private now. People are talking shit on the internet cloaked by anonymity instead of on the street.

It takes time, people, and it will never full go away. You need to know that. We’re in a much better place than we were a few decades ago. In a few more, we’ll be in a better place still. But it will never, ever go away. Ever.

Oh, I expect that it’ll go away. First, because however prone humans may be to prejudice, specific prejudices over time fall out of fashion, just as they come into fashion. Humans are not innately prejudiced over skin color; that’s an artifact of history. And second, because eventually little things like race will become irrelevant besides matters like whether one is still human, or ever was human.

If you think that’s bad, I’ve seen far, far worse. :frowning:

Racist websites are bad? Ok, yes, but why is this noteworthy? Didn’t you know that there are alot of racists out there? We all know people like this are worthy of nothing but contempt and ridicule, but this isn’t anything new. There are any number of similar (or worse) webpages out there and I (perhaps naively) figured that everyone knew this by now.

but I didn’t anticipate just how virulent, recharged and emboldened hatred of African-Americans could be.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, you know. In the US it’s been around for quite a while, unfortunately. Now it’s just moved to cyberspace.

It will go away, but it will be 100s of years probably. And I’d suggest that the sooner we get rid of artificial divisions based on race (AA, the 8(a) program in government contracting) the quicker it will happen.

It’s the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m apparently way more of a cynic than Der Trihs.

Sadly, hating your race over the existence of racist people (and I understand that you might be saying this facetiously) validates that racist mentality that one bad apple in a group spoils the rest. So don’t do it.

I hear the same stuff up here, although it’s usually about First Nations peoples than black. (Was talking to my wife’s cousin recently - sweet girl but a bit, how shall we say, naive, at times - and she was telling me how she’s really ashamed to admit to people that she has an ancestor (great grandmother I think) that was native “because native people are bad.” I couldn’t help but tear into that (sworn duty as a Doper to fight ignorance and all) - “well, your great-grandmother wasn’t bad, was she?” “No.” “[Friend of my wife who is native] isn’t bad, is she?” “No.” I figured that was all the natives she knew personally (well, she doesn’t know the ancestor personally of course, but you get the idea), but probably just had the idea that “natives are bad” due to talks with others. Yes, she’s afraid to go downtown at night because there are some pretty scary people there, and yes a good number of the scary people are native, but gee, to tar an entire race with that when you know for a fact there are natives you know personally that aren’t bad. Sheesh.

As the OP said, I see it as a better thing. I have never been trained as an FBI hate speech monitoring agent or anything, but I must imagine that it must be easier to keep track of the bad guys when they do have a public internet face that you can easily keep tabs on than people who only meet in complete secrecy (there is no, is there?)

The other day, I was looking at a movie poster for The Princess and the Frog. My brother-in-law says to me he has no desire to see it. I asked why, since he has always enjoyed Disney films and this one looks to be classic Disney. His reply - too ghetto. :eek: My jaw hit the floor. I suppose Disney movies are acceptable for him only if they don’t have brown skin people in it.

You’re uncharacteristically optimistic, there. I foresee addition rather than translation, in this case.
In other words, I fully expect that in the future, Pure Strain Humans (which, like “real {insert nationality}” will not exist or have ever existed for a long, long time yet every racist lobotomy reject will identify as such) will look down on the zombie half-alien mutant mechanical artificial consciousnesses, yet even down-er on the zombie half-alien mutant mechanical artificial consciousnesses who used to be black.

Just to play devil’s advocate here, how do you know the site is run by white people? I’m at work so I can’t actually go to it - does it say white power all over or the 14 words or something?

Just as a point of clarification, I’d like to know exactly which race the OP sometimes really hates.

Not that it really matters.

Racism directed at any race speaks of the racist, not the race.

When have humans ever NOT judged by skin color? I have wracked my brain but I cannot come up with any period of history when this wasn’t happening. If there is one thing that is constant in human behavior it is the need to seperate into an “Us v. Them” catagory and the easiest way to separate “Us” from “Them” is by appearance, most notably skin color.

The Romans don’t seem to have judged by skin color. They considered pretty much all non-Romans other than the Greeks and Egyptians to be barbarians.

Most of human history? Most people historically were unlikely to even know that people of other skin colors even existed, beyond legends with as much relevance to them as ones about elves. And the very concept of race is an invented one; you can’t be racially prejudiced without the idea of race. Prejudice over skin color looks so universal today because the Europeans made a point of spreading it.

Exactly; in THAT era, it was all about what empire/culture/ethnic group you were in. They wouldn’t have been prejudiced in favor of “white people” because it wouldn’t have occurred to them to think of “white people” as a group in the first place. That didn’t mean they had no prejudices, but prejudice isn’t synonymous with racism. Race had to be invented for racism to exist.

That’s not true. The Chinese and Japanese developed their own prejudices. It’s true that Indians have internalized British prejudices, though.

What? The British introduced the caste system ?