Stupid Black idea of the day.

So I thought it’d be useful to have a single omnibus thread to collect all the stupid things Black people have said. It was inspired by the “Stupid Republican idea of the day” thread and this exchange including long time member tomndebb.

So, since that perfectly describes how one might be more or less racist, it seems pretty normal for us to discuss the ignorance of the Negro race as well.

Just getting the ball rolling. I’ll post my examples forthwith.

I assume you were trolling for the warning or the ban, I thought I would just facilitate that.

Eighteen years and more than 15,000 posts? What other strange thing has one seen today?

Gotta say I respect the ire, CK. Always a fan of go big or go home.


Why would you think this would be useful? People of all races say stupid things.

People of all political stripes say stupid things. Same same, according to the perfect gentleman I quoted.

You quoted two people. To which are you referring?

What a cringeworthy thread title. For fuck’s sake.

Sorry, I’m not running an ESL class here.

Oh right sorry. You are running a moronic “I think I’m making a point, but I’m really not” class.

Carry on then.

I believe “black” is how most African Americans prefer to be be referred to as. :confused:

Point seems pretty clear to me.

I honestly can’t decipher it.

prefer to be be referred to as?

Anyways, that’s not what’s cringeworthy about it, but I believe that through your feigned ignorance you know just what I’m talking about.

Wondering if this will last long enough for the OP to post some examples. Not that I’m wanting to read them.

Wow. Ok, do you think political affiliation is similar to race? I do not. tomndebb thinks it is. That is my simple point.

I agree with you.

ETA. But I didn’t get that from your OP. Especially the title.

If anyone wants to start a “Stupid SDMB Poster idea of the day” thread, I may have a suggestion or two.

Well, this ought to be short. Better post NOW!