Son Of A Moose!!!!

Ok, I 'm at work - it’s time to leave - about 10:00PM.

Apparently, we’re having one of those nifty spring blizard/lightening storms here in Calgary. Ok, no worries. I’m a seasoned driver.

So I head out on the roads. Hummm - a shwank of firetrucks up ahead, ok - avoid that.

Head out of downtown - no worries.

Onto the freeway - ok, people with there hazzards on, ok. Ok, there’s a heck of a lot of soggy wet snow pelting the windshild - ok, no worries. I can do this.

FLASH Ok, that was lightening - out goes the powergrid - ok, no worries - it’s really dark now - ok.

KAPOW Ok, more lightening - the radio just cut out. Ok.

VOOM Oh my. Ok, someone just slid right off the road - I’m ok, I’ve got good tires.

Damn that’s a lot of snow.





Ok, lean over - ok, peek through the passenger side. Ok, Ok.

Slow, slow, - off the freeway, ok, driving. Peeking. Ok. Theres home. gaaaaaaaaaah

SON OF A MOOSE!! is all that I have to say.

::pant pant::

Doncha just love springtime in Calgary. :rolleyes:

Gah! That’s scary. Happened to me once too, 120 km/h in considerable rain, and my wipers decide to quit then and there. I had to stick my head out of the window to get to the emergency shoulder. :eek:

Glad you weren’t hurt!

I’m glad you got home OK. Very scary. :frowning:

Ah - thanks guys. I’ve calmed down a little.

This morning I woke up to snow, on top of freezing rain, on top of rain that froze (apparently those last two are different).

I guess that’s ok, I mean - it is only May afterall… :rolleyes:

I once had my windshield wippers go out on me as well during a terrible thunderstorm while driving through the bayou on a long stretch of highway bridge with no shoulder. Luckily for me, I was driving so slow I was able to stop in plenty of time to avoid smashing into the stalled car twenty feet in front of me. Definitely NOT a fun experience.

Since I was about ten, I’ve lived in the Southern USA, so luckily I’ve never had to deal with driving in snow, but I’ve driven in ice before, and I can just imagine the nerve racking experience you went through. Glad you got home safely. Make yourself some hot chocolate and stay home today. Or at least until you find your windshield wipper.

Hah! I knew what this thread was about before I opened it (since I know Alice lives in Calgary too)! This weather is a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS!!! I’m not working at the moment, so I got to listen to everyone else chipping out their cars this morning. Blecchh. Ptooey. We better have the best summer EVER to make up for this spring.

I’m really glad you’re okay. But I have to say that this–

almost made me wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

Just be grateful that you don’t have tornadoes.

Mrs. G.: I wish you would slow down, Spav.
ME: Nothing to worry about, my love. Just a little spring thunder-shower.
Mrs. G.: Baumler’s barn just crossed the road.
ME: O.K., I’ll slow down.

I sure know what you mean: just a few weeks ago, the cherry blossoms fell off all the trees here in Victoria, and you could scarcely see through the windshield for soft, pink petals!
(…actually, my sympathies; I have many friends in Banff. Plus, I grew up in Saskatchewan)

I aim to please. :smiley: