Song ID

I’ve heard this song in Dick’s Sporting Goods a couple of times. It has this high thin female vocal that’s very distinctive and it sounds sounds kinda Alternative Country and the chorus goes something like "About me. . . You don’t know about me. . . " or something like that. The music is kinda slow and plodding and minimalistic.

Any ideas?

Ben Folds w/Regina Spektor-“You Don’t Know Me” ?

Kelly Clarkson-“Mr. Know It All”

Thanks guys, but no prize. . . no drums, or very minimal percussion, and the vocal is VERY tiny. . . . extremely distinctive.

Unlikely, but Tonight by Kate Walsh?

How about this country remix?

Thanks but no.

It’s very alternative sounding. . . and kinda bluegrassy. Very twangy thin country female vocal.

First thing I thought of but it’s a long shot: