Song lyric help needed

There’s a song running through my head now. Please give me the artist responsible for these lyrics, and the name of the song.

Anything you want, we can make it happen.
Ever, ever…

Something like that…any help?

Google is your friend for queries like this. Simply put a line that you are sure of in quote marks, and add “lyrics” with no quote marks, thus:

"anything you want we can make it happen" lyrics

That returns 84 pages with the song in question.

This is great. Do you know if there is anyway to find out the songwriter for a particular song?

Can you give us anything more? Male or female singing? Fast, slow, Hip-hop, country?

Well according to that lyrics’ page, the band that performed it is Heart* and according to the All Music Guide, the song writing credits go to Gene Bloch, Holly Knight and “Connie”. Bloch is a songwriter and session/touring musician who has performed with Joe Cocker and John Entwhistle.

*AMG links might not work. Go to main page and search “Heart”