Song of Ice and Fire predictions (spoilers)

I know it’s hard to predict anything in this series, but one of the things I love about it is that nothing ever happens completely out of nowhere. You can always look back and see the progression towards any event, even if you didn’t notice the progression the first time around. So here are my predictions for later books:

Melisandre is a fraud. We know she’s from Asshai, and we know shadowbinders generally come from Asshai, and we know she can give birth to shadows (eww). The logical conclusion is, she’s a shadowbinder. She pretends to be a red priestess of R’hlorr, but she is just using the prophecy of Azor Ahai for her own ends, whatever that may be. Possibly she serves the Other, the dark god she’s always going on about, and is trying to manuver Westeros into leaving the north open for a massive wight and Other attack.

Stannis is not Azor Ahai reborn, like Melisandre claims. He doesn’t seem to believe it himself, but thinks the red woman is useful so he goes along with it. When he pulls the supposed Lightbringer out of the burning statues of the Seven, he has to wear thick mitts and he still catches fire, and Davos notes that the sword seems ruined afterwards. The sword we see later with the flashy light show doesn’t give off any heat, and Stannis complains that it doesn’t perform any better in combat than a normal sword.

If there is an Azor Ahai, it’s Beric Dondarrion with his red priest, Thoros. Dude should have died several times, but he’s still lurching around. Plus, in the fight with the Hound he cuts himself with his sword and it catches fire for real, then he uses it to ignite Sandor’s shield. Oddly enough, Thoros was a false priest, but seems to have found religion again, enough to raise Beric from the dead, and even Catelyn! :eek:

The Hound is not dead yet. Although Martin has no problem killing off any character at any time, none of the major characters have died off-page. And characters have escaped imminent demise before, like Davos in the Battle of Blackwater. He will go seeking after Sansa and his brother, not necessarily in that order.

Eddard Stark will turn up at some point. Varys got someone who looked enough like Ned to face Joffrey’s verdict and secreted Ned away somewhere. Varys did in fact hint that he could sneak Ned out, and we know he snuck Tyrion out later. We (from Arya’s perspective) don’t see Ned very close up, and she hardly recognized him since he was so gaunt and dirty. Later, when Joffrey makes
Sansa look at the head on a spike, she can’t see much resemblance either, with the tar and crows and all.

Some people here have speculated that Jon Snow is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. I’d have to go back and read the books again, but it makes more sense to me that Ned would pretend to be Jon’s father to protect him, as opposed to Ned breaking his wedding vows and actually being Jon’s father.

Samwell Tarly will eventually become a warrior of great renown, but will still have all his love of books and learning. His specialty will be fighting Others, and he will delve into ancient texts to discover their weaknesses.

Tyrion is quite the wild card. He may go to the Mountains of the Moon and get the wildling tribes’ help against Lysa Arryn. When he discovers that Littlefinger holds the Vale, he will be equally pleased to get revenge there also. Or, he may try to take power in Casterly Rock. Or, he may give his services to Dorne, or Stannis, or Danaerys, or even all of the above.

Coldhands is actually Benjen Stark. He got turned into a wight, but because of the magical abilities inherent in the Stark line he became something else instead.

Danaerys will send her dragons against whatever fool is holding Harrenhal at the time, this time reducing it to a great heap of slag and scaring the crap out of all Seven Kingdoms. If the Vale isn’t aligned with her, she’ll storm the castles Sky, Stone, and Snow, showing that they aren’t invulnerable from above.

Good calls, those. Dunno about Ned Stark still being around though - it’s possible, but (for me, at least) it would lessen the impact of his death. When I read his execution scene, that’s when I realised that in this series anything could happen. Ned still being alive wouldn’t make that untrue, but it kinda takes the polish off the moment for me. But I suppose Martin isn’t writing the story just to please me, and I’d like to see Ned back in action.

If Jon Stark isn’t the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, I’ll eat my copy of A Game of Thrones. :slight_smile: Either I’m right, or Martin has earnt more of my money (naturally I’d buy a replacement copy) - I don’t mind either way…

I see Samwell in more of a Maester Aemon role by Jon’s side, but it would be great to see him gain self-confidence.

I’m thinking that Arya and Tyrion will end up with Dany. She would benefit from Tyrion’s political skills, and I’ll admit to being desperate for someone to appreciate him. If Arya receives training from the Faceless Men (is that what they’re called?), she might be sent to assasinate Dany - now that would be an interesting showdown!

From the chapter included at the end of the last book, I assume we’re going to find out more about Beric Dondarrion and the skills of Thoros. I can’t wait…

I also disagree with the assertion that Ned is still alive. It would be more appropriate if he really had been executed.

I also disagree with Samwell the Barbarian. I think his book-learning will be his strength.

Jon being a Targaryen makes a lot of sense, but it conflicts with my theory from A Game of Thrones, where I thought he and Dany would hook up eventually. Maybe they’ll pull the Targaryen incest thing or something.

I’m annoyed that Maester Luwin is dead, since I thought the fact that he had studied magic would be significant later on. Oh well, red herring.

Finally, I don’t see Sansa being reunited with anyone in her family anytime soon. I knew she wouldn’t successfully escape, because think about it–once she got to Robb, then what? What would her character do? Nope, Sansa is doomed to spend perhaps years before meeting any Stark again. Somehow, though, I think it’ll be Jon that she’ll be reunited with first. Call it a hunch.

This series catches me off guard so often that I am utterly incapable of making predictions.

However, I too disagree that Ned is still around. Bear with me… I heard or read an interview with Martin in which he complained about the “red shirt guys” in the Star Trek shows and said he felt it was a total cop-out for them to be the ones killed and not the major characters, because that snuffed the suspense. Clearly, on these missions, no one you cared about was going to be injured or killed. But if Spock or Bones had been killed early on, you’d know that the dangers were real and there would be tons of suspense each time a party of major characters went exploring. This would make it seem to me that he was serious about getting rid of Ned.

I got through two books of the series and then couldn’t read it any longer. I was so dispirited by then. I knew if I became fond of a character they were bound to die a horrible death, and I’m too much of a wimp to do that.

That being said, I’d love a Cliff Notes version. I loved the plots, I just couldn’t take the emotional wringer.

That’s why I read threads like this!


Melisandre might be a fraud, but I’m not positive about that. I think she’s either that or a real zealot, a religious fanatic who actually believes. But then, she does appear to be manufacturing the case for Stannis as Azor Ahai reborn, so I’m not sure how that would square with actual faith. Her practice of the religion does appear to be different than Thoros’s, but then they’re from widely seperate geographic areas, which might explain that.

I don’t think Stannis is Azor Ahai come again, and I don’t think he originally thought he was either, but Melisandre seems to be convincing him. He appears to have had an actual vision when he looked into the flames and saw Mormont’s ring of fire, but I’m not sure if that’s coming from within him or something Melisandre is showing him. I suspect the later though.

If anyone is Azor Ahai reborn, or the Prince Who Was Promised, or the current coming of The Last Hero (and I’m not actually sure they’re all supposed to be the same person, but who knows…) I think it would either be Dany or Jon, in order of likelyhood. Berric is a cool charater, but I just don’t think he’s that important to the story.

I think Jon is Lyanna’s son, and I agree that The Hound is not dead (yet).

I really don’t expect Ned to come back. I think his death was Martin’s wake up call to the reader that things would be different in this series, and as much as I liked the character, I wouldn’t really want him to come back. Additionally, every character we’ve had so far who had a cliffhanger or escaped death and turned out to live has re-appeared relatively quickly. There haven’t been any characters who dropped out of sight for a long time and returned, though that may change if Theon or Benjen ever show up again. Plus, unlike, say, the theory that Jon is Lyanna’s son, I just don’t see any evidence for this (Sansa’s thought when she sees her father’s head aside), or a motive for Varys to do it. Varys did help Tyrion escape, but I think there was a clearer motive there.

Further thought about Ned:

Surely at least Joffrey or Cersei (of the people actually nearby) would have noticed if Ned had been substituted?

Perhaps. He had been mouldering in a dungeon for quite a while, so he probably didn’t look much like himself, which would make it easier for someone else to look like him. On the other hand, I’m not sure what kind of incentive Varys could offer a double to stand in Ned’s place.

I don’t see Arya becoming an assassin for hire, even if she learns the skills of the Faceless Men. I think she will be reunited with Nymeria and learn to be a warg, even if not to the same level as Bran.

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