Song title (reprise #26)

I apologize in advance for this question. Please consider it testimony to my advanced age meeting head on with a tragic (and apparently futile) attempt to remain in touch with contemporary music.

What is the name of the ‘rock’ song with lyrics that include “nothing ever changes”. This phrase is repeated several times in the song, and is essentially a refrain.

I am quite positive it is not at all obscure. Indeed, the fact that I’ve heard it (and liked it) would seem to confirm its commonplace nature.


How about “Nothing Ever Changes” sung by Stevie Nicks?

Thanks, but that’s not it. My fault. I should have said that it’s not the one by Stevie Nicks, and I’m pretty sure the title isn’t “nothing ever changes”, just the refrain.

The lead vocalist is a man who sounds a bit like the guy from REM (IMO).

Another bit of the lyrics includes the words “passing by” or “passes by”.

“Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.”

“Heaven” by the Talking Heads. From “Fear of Music.”

I finally tracked down the song. It was Lusitana by The Watchmen - an outstanding Canadian group.

When nobody on this erudite Board could come up with the answer, I should have realized that it was a clue that the band was probably Canadian, and somewhat less wll known than I expected. That is exactly what happened in the case of The Pukka Orchestra which was the name of the band who did the last song I couldn’t identify and asked about in GQ. Deja vu all over again.

Whenever I have a question like this (alarming frequently, as it turns out!), this is the first place I try:

This is a site where you can do a full text search for lyrics by typing in a phrase from a song. (Other search engines on the site allow you to search by title, artist, etc.) The site used to contain all of the lyrics as well, but after some legal battles you can no longer access most of the lyric links. But the lyrics search still works, so it’s very useful.

(Oops, I should add that using the full text search for lyrics brings up a list of songs (inc. artists and titles) which have phrases that match the one you typed; if the song is in their database then it shouldn’t be too difficult to eliminate the other possibilities that come up.)