Songs about love--but not humans

I was recently listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”. The weird thing although the song seems romantic from the first glance, the lyrics clearly mention they’re about a dog! Are there any other songs you know that mention love/affection/deep friendship about something besides a human?

Some great pictures too.

Og forgive me for bringing this up, there is a song about muskrats.

Misalliance - Flanders & Swann.

withholds cookie

And pictures of…you guessed it.

do robots in love with other robots count? cause the pet shop boys had one on their last album …

Paul McCartney’s song to his sheepdog:

Martha, my dear
Though I spend my days in conversation, please
Remember me
Martha, my love
Don’t forget me
Martha, my dear

Muskrat Love?

My Old Yellow car by Dan Seals

Haven’t thought about this song in decades but this thread reminded me about it:

Me and My Arrow

Mr. Bojangles

Man of the Hour by Norah Jones

Ian Tyson’s SHORT GRASS is a love song of prairies and his SONG FOR CANADA proclaims love of the St Lawrence River. Woodie Guthrie’s ROLL ON, COLUMBIA is another river love song and CAR, CAR is about, well, a car.

Probably most hot rod, surf, and motorcycle music extol fetishes. Especially that ‘riding’ stuff; we know what ‘ride’ means. I don’t want a pickle; just wanna ride my motor-sickle. Ride, ride, ride the wild surf. Turn it on, wind it up, blow it out - GTO! But I’ll stay away from doggy-love songs. Too personal.

Mike Nesmith once said that Joanne was about a cow:

“Her name was Joanne
And she lived in a meadow by a pond”

but I doubt it.

Ben” is a love song to a rat.

How about “The Tennessee Stud”?

The Garden of Samson and Beasley” by Pink Martini sounds to me like it might be a love song about two kittens, but I might be projecting a lot onto it.

The Crowded House song Lester is definitely about front man **Neil Finn’**s concern for his eponymous dog after it had been hit by a car. The song Black and White Boy could arguably be inspired by one of Finn’s dogs although it is probably more about the volatile Crowded House drummer Paul Hester.


Queen did a song called I’m In Love With My Car.