Songs for Gay Dogs: Really Bad Album Cover Art

I really don’t think I want to know.

Simple, yet so offensive.

Why the 70s were bad.

I got nothing.

I just wish that there audio clips along with the album covers, because I bet that some of these are atrociously bad.

No way, man. No matter how bad they were, they can’t measure up to the albums themselves!

See, I just knew this had something to do with Rick Springfield…

I never would have thought that The Village People could have made themselves ‘gayer’, but there is the proof.

You can’t search on bad cover art, and a search on worst album covers doesn’t being it up, but there is a well-known bad album cover site that has all those album covers on it.

It might be The Museum of Bad Album Covers.

If you check the link on page 11, you’ll find two of the OP’s albums.

But there’s also The Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art.

tastes like sawdust

let’s play doctor, john

one of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces

these guys sound exactly the way you’d expect

Not to be confused with the original.

I didn’t know that Hal Briston had released an album.

They’ll set anything to music nowadays

Meet Buddi Satan, pioneer of deathmetal.

Dvorak for foot fetishists? Or is this some sort of Slavonic sex position?

Hey look, it’s a family size pizza!

This one’s a little creepy considering that this guy later shot his two kids and then killed himself.

Full disclosure: I own that CD.

best. cover. ever

Sure you’re not a priest quartet?

Oh, I thought it said U.S. Air Force Basic Training in Song. That would be interesting.

I stumbled across a user named Bad Album Covers on flickr. Enjoy!

(Link NSFW, so copy and paste)

I can’t believe I forgot this, but no listing of bad album covers would be complete without mentioning Lil’ Markie! You must listen to his Diary of an Unborn Child, no matter what your position on abortion is, you will be offended by it, trust me. I’ve even managed to find a video of him! (Sadly, not singing DofanUC.)

Oh. My. God.