Worst album covers ever!

Behold the horror:


PLEASE tell me that page is the result of a Fark photoshopping challenge???

(by the way, the guy on the far right in this one is totally making boat noises with his lips!)

WOW, thank you for that. Comedy Gold.

I actually found the hardback book copy of this collection. It’s hilarious. It was in Barnes and Noble’s bargain books.

Let Me Touch Him, by The Ministers Quartet. That just ain’t right.

Hah, Manowar’s on there.

Is that albino a woman or a man?

I think you’ll find the answer if you listen to it.

Barring that, look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heino

I think I hit the jackpot and you can to. I wanted to know more about “The Handless Organist” so I googled that in quotes. It comes up with several more related collections and a few repeats.

Here is one:


Oh, dear lord. #25 may give me nightmares. :eek:

The scary (or. alternatively, impressive) thing is, one can be on a album cover this embarrassing, and still get elected to the House

#49…uh…there’s some guys who got stuck at about an age 14 mentality.

There’s a CD by the Scorpions called “Virgin Killer.” The original cover featured a naked girl who looked to be about 11. You can find it pretty easily if you want to.

Yeah, I was thinking of commenting on that one. That’s some hateful misogynist shit.

You talkin’ about ME? I mean, if the shoe fits, and all… :wink:

Really, though, about Heino, German Pop is great! I mean, these are the people who gave David Hasselhoff a career. Musically, not in the same league as French Pop of the 60s, which is “ephemeral” defined on vinyl (as records will last for millenia, is that an oxymoron?), but still Tons-O-Fun.
Aside: Did the Hoff really need his daughter to “out” him? It was obvious to anybody who watched “America’s Got Talent,” which would be me and some Nielsen Family.

I’ve seen the Steve Carter website before and always enjoy it. I know there are things that might look cool in one time period and hokey to the next generation, but really, what record company could ever have thought these looked appealing?

And me! And my boyfriend! But that’s because we’re involved in the juggling community and knew several of the contestants.

The jugglers were totally screwed. The judges were the only people who thought juggling was passe and they turned it into “American Idol.”

Um, personally, I liked the ecydisiast, but that was just me.

Yeah, my club talked everyone into watching too. They were totally robbed.