Songs that could work as Bond Movie Themes?

I was working on my weird iTunes playlists again, and I decided it was time I did a formal job of a “‘Bond Themes’ that aren’t actually from a James Bond Movie” listing.

This seems like just the kind of thing to share, and pick peoples’ brains over.

So far, I’ve got…

[li]Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine trailer theme[/li][li]Flight of the Wild Geese—Joan Armatrading[/li][li]“Evil Genius” Main Theme[/li][li]Half the Man—Methodic Doubt[/li][li]Casino Royale—Hugh Neal[/li][li]The Our Man Flint theme. (I know, it’s a cheat)[/li][li]Thunderball—Johnny Cash (also a cheat—it was almost an official Bond theme)[/li][li]Who Wants to Live Forever—As performed by Shirley Bassey[/li][/ul]

That’s it for now, aside from a few covers. Any other suggestions?

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[li]The Our Man Flint theme. (I know, it’s a cheat)[/li][/QUOTE]

Secret Agent Man.

In the Line of Fire - Ennio Morricone

Can’t you just picture Bond starting one of his trademark daring escapes at the 1:05 mark?

Man With The Golden Gun– Alice Cooper. His song lost out to the lousy Barry/Lulu one that ended up as the theme for the movie.

If you just want songs with lyrics that suit a James Bond movie, there’s:
Genesis: “Just a Job to Do”
But if you want music that just FEELS like it would fit into a Bond soundtrack, I nominate

Gary Numan: “Films”

“Bury Me Alive”, by We Are The Fallen.

Gold Gun Girls” by Metric. Hey, they used a Garbage song, so it’s not that much of a stretch.

Much less likely but even more awesome would be Bush’s “Testosterone”.

Not sure if these really work, but they remind me of Bond for some reason.

Mercy, by Duffy. I think she’d be perfect for singing an official theme.
History Repeating, by the Propellorheads and Shirley Bassey.

Most of the songs by Morcheeba.

Nicole Atkins’ The Way It Is. There’s a clip on YouTube where she sings the song on Letterman and it’s an amazing performance.

Sour Times by Portishead

Cirque du Soleil’s Cold Flame.

Beautiful Girls by Van Halen.

From the moment I first heard it, I’ve always thought that with appropriate changes to the lyrics, the Massive Attack tune “Man Next Door” would make one of the all-time great Bond themes.

The Miami Vice Theme
The Mission Impossible Theme

And a whole bunch of Surf music
Guitar Noire
The Hawaii 5 O Theme
Killer Dana
The Peter Gunn Theme.

Listening to them, a good half of my surf music collection would be decent them music for spy movies. I’m not entirely sure why – spies and surfers are both out there hanging ten on the dangerous curl of a wave that could swamp them at any second?

The Magnificent Seven Theme, aka the Marlboro Theme (and others), composed by Elmer Bernstein. One of the greatest film scores ever.

Portishead - All mine

Obviously, Goodbye, Mr. Bond