Songs that should only be played at certain times of the day

As I was riding to work this morning, the radio station chose to play “Desperado” (by the Eagles) followed by “Piano Man” (by Billy Joel) and it just seemed so very wrong to me. Desperado and Hotel California are clearly late afternoon into evening songs and Piano Man is definitively reserved for

Similarly John Denver should never be played after with half of his songs being even more restrained to being only in the morning.

So are there any other restrictions you would like to place on appropriate song playing times?

I was gonna post: Specifically, Piano Man should be played at 9 o clock on a Saturday.

The Banana Boat Song (day-o) should never be played before about 4 PM at the earliest. (I realize it’s technically set at about 5 AM, but really. If your audience is all people working the night shift, maybe.)

Not even “Saturday Night in Toledo Ohio”? :smiley:

I love Led Zeppelin, but most of their stuff (particularly the heavier and bluesier songs) fit better in the dark.

Don Henley’s Boys of Summer should definitely be an afternoon-only song.

I’ve started a playlist on my iTunes called Evening Cool - the first song on the list is “When The Lights Go Down” by Prince. :smiley:

Also on the list:
Bring On the Night - The Police
Incense And Candles - Prince
The Dance - Prince
Damn U - Prince & The New Power Generation
Condition Of The Heart - Prince And The Revolution
Get Carried Away - Colin James
Far Away Like A Radio - Colin James
Into The Mystic - Colin James
So Into You - Atlantic Rhythm Section
So Far Away - Dire Straits
Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
Skateaway - Dire Straits
Love Over Gold - Dire Straits
Sister Moon - Sting
Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone - Sting & Jeff Beck

So yes, I agree that some songs are for certain times of day.

Is there ever an appropriate time of day to listen to the Moody Blues’ Days of Future Passed album straight through?

Radar Love and Twilight Zone - Golden Earring should only be played late at night, while driving.

“Year of the Cat” should not be played before midnight or after sunrise.

“Daddy’s Home” doesn’t seem right in the morning.

Any Dream Will Do is the perfect sunrise song.

Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens)…

The Beach Boys - during daylight hours only, preferably sunny. It’s a glaringly obvious thing to say, but, duh, that’s because they’re a sunny day band.

Except “In My Room.” That’s a nighttime song.

“Lovely Day” - Bill Withers. Morning.

Black Metal should only be played:

I) In Winter

II) At Night

There are exceptions to every rule!

Give Me The Night - George Benson - should be heard at twilight while you’re getting ready to go out into that night… A lot of George Benson songs are best heard at night…love me some George Benson!!!

“Good Morning Good Morning” by the Beatles should only be played… well, you know.

I have an extremely strong memory of hearing Wham’s “A Different Corner” on my clock radio just as I was waking up to go on a very important trip in 1987, so for me that will always really be a morning song.

Closing Time: Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

Three by the Doors:

L.A. Woman - high noon, bright sunlight, driving on the PCH
Riders On The Storm - dawn, riding your horse along the beach
When The Music’s Over - turn out the light and go to bed, dammit.