Songs with only one verse

For absolutely no reason at all, I’ve been on a Fastball (of The Way fame) jag lately. I’ve only recently begun to appreciate their music.

Anyway, after listening to ‘Out of My Head’ a few times I realized it only has 1 verse - yet 3 choruses. That seems odd to me.

But maybe it’s not rare and I’ve just never noticed songs with only one verse.

Anyone have any other examples?

I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am - “second verse, same as the first!”

Hmm, I guess that might qualify but in Out of My Head they only sing one verse, one time.

Chumbawumba - Tubthumping.

(Sorry to put it in your head…)

Neil Young - Cripple Creek Ferry (chorus-verse-chorus)

Louie Louie?

Louie Louie has three distinct verses. You can blame the crappy acoustics on the Kingsmens’ recording for making it hard to notice.

A few examples that come to my mind, all of which involve Steve Winwood;

Traffic - “Dear Mr. Fantasy”

Blind Faith - “In the Presence of the Lord”

Blind Faith - “Can’t Find My Way Home”

John Denver’s Aerie album has a one verse little ditty called “Tools,” about (what else?) a bunny rabbit.

Pink Floyd, “Wish You Were Here”

Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” only has one real verse, though it does have a very short bridge section between choruses, so I don’t know if that counts.

“Molly’s Lips” by the Vaselines (covered by Nirvana).
“Son of a Gun” by the Vaselines (also covered by Nirvana).

Neanderthal Man by Hotlegs*

*Who changed their name to 10cc immediately after.

If you really like Fastball, check out the album Normal by Big Car, a band that a couple of the members were in previously.

The Song That Doesn’t End

Thank you for the flashback! My sister and I loved it.

Thanks for the heads up.

How about only one word?

I Wanna be Well by The Ramones.

Paul McCartney couldn’t think of more than one verse, so he gave this song to Badfinger.

This song from the 60’s repeats the same verse five times.

This song from 1953 also repeats the same verse five times. (it was on the “Horrible” label: “If it’s really a Horrible record - it’s bound to be a hit” is written on the label).

Re: “Tequila” - the word is repeated several times. “Wipeout” has the word once.

Isn’t that a song with three verses and no chorus?