Sony asks "What series do you want on DVD?"

Tell Sony which TV series you want to see on DVD

Finally someone asks ME what I want. Sony is conducting a poll on which classic to recent TV show should be collected on DVD. Most of them I couldn’t care less about, but the do have the live-action Tick and NewsRadio on the list. You do have to vote for 5 different shows, but if I get my two choices I don’t mind if they release Diff’rent Strokes as well.

Oooh! The Tick and Barney Miller! I don’t care about the rest of the shows, but if they release those two, I’ll be a happy man!

Wow, the only one there that I could even remotely imagine wanting to watch would be NewsRadio.

Not on the list, but what I’d buy would be:

  • Jonny Quest
  • Firefly
  • Battlestar Galactica

I’d like to tell Sony what I want. I want them to finish what they’ve already started.


Adam-12, man.


When things were rotten

My immediate thought upon seeing the thread title was The Tick – both live-action and animated. Ohhh, baby.

What, no Seinfeld?

Follow it up with Emergency!

That’s Castle Rock. Are they part of Sony, now, too? I thought they were part of Warner Brothers.

Oh, and here’s a URL I always post when subjects like this come up. It’s a great site to look up info on … well, you figure it out:

I think it will be a while for Seinfeld on DVD. They are doing so well in syndication.

The Logan’s Run TV series. Sure, it was bad, but that was part of its charm!

Oh, and I’d also like to see a DVD release of Quark.

The official site is on Sony webspace, the show is distributed by Columbia-TriStar, and they weren’t allowed to spoof it on Sony’s The Rerun Show, so I imagine Sony has something to do with it