Sony + NBC = The suck of Olympic proportions?

We have been watching coverage of the Olympics on, and wanted to see what the resolution was like watching them with the ps3 browser. I installed some Silverlight software a few weeks ago and had successfully watched some online videos, but on a different site. Trying to watch any of the Olympic video pages, I’m prompted if i want to use the plugin, and I say yes. But I get no love. I get dumped off on a “Related videos” screen with thumbnails full of related videos that I can’t watch.

I have not been prompted to update Silverlight, and I have not tried to do so manually, but endeavor to do so. This is a preemptive bitching and moaning that I presume will indeed ensue in full force once I try everything and still can’t get the videos to work on our TV.

Ok I’m also half-pitting MS’s xbox live olympics offerings. We just spent 160 MS points (whatever that is in $) for 27 minutes of footage titled “Ski Jumping: Qualifying Runs” of which no more than 7 minutes was anything to do with the qualifying runs of ski jumping. The other 20 minutes was short interviews with athletes and those tear-squirting musical montages.

It is 2010 people. More options for ad-funded internet-based delivery of your content would be nice. I don’t mind enduring your commercials, just make it available.

Microsoft doesn’t just want your money, it wants your ass. You view their content how they tell you to.