Sopranos Final Season Speculation Thread

Well, I searched and didn’t see a recent thread for this, so I figured I’d start one. Any speculation for the upcoming Sopranos final (half-ish) season?

Heaven knows it’s being talked about everywhere else, might as well see what the Best and the Brightest have to say. :smiley:

No specifics yet here, and I haven’t been searching for any elsewhere. In past interviews with Chase he has led me to believe whatever happens will be some variation on “least expected” and certainly not the traditional mob movie ending.

That said, I expect some major movements in the family dynamics (both families).

I don’t expect any massive new story arcs; one or two episode builds on new characters coming in will be the norm. No Steve Buscemi, Joe Pantoliano types coming in.

As for resolutions of ongoing issues, I expect Carmela will have a few more bumps in the road but will stay with Tony. The kids are apt to provide most of the upsetting home-family issues.

The business-family constants (Paulie, Silvio, Christopher) will have issues but will survive until the last two or three episodes.

I expect the season to go out like (wait for it) Gangbusters.

Yeah I anticipate an ending similar to the Brazilian film, City of God –

(spoiler for the ending of City of God)

Basically everyone dies by the end. However, the mob/gang/business never really dies since there’s a fresh crop of people waiting to fill the power void, be they rival families or simply footsoldiers and 2-bit thugs waiting for their chance. Essentially the individuals can self-destruct, but the mob always lives on.

Tony gets nabbed but ends up getting off but spends basically all their money on the trial fees. He and Carmela lose their material wealth but still have each other… whatever that means. I think that ending fits in with the general “American Dream” theme the show plays on.

Sil and Christopher are dead men. Paulie ends up on the lam.

I predict that Meadow will become a mob lawyer.

I think A.J. is toast in the first few episodes.

I think it will be Meadow who gets knocked off.
Somebody in the family is going to die in the first two episodes.

I bet Tony is going to get arrested over weapons charges for dropping a pistol with hollow-point bullets in a field two years ago when running away from the fbi. The charges won’t hold up though and will be dropped as soon as Tony’s lawyers have a chance to rip them apart.

I see someone else downloaded the first episode already.

merely speculation.

I don’t care what happens, so long as Christopher doesn’t get a happy-ever-after. He’s a great character, and I hate him.

No movies for you!

I think Christopher should be beaten to death by Lauren Bacall.

Oh Yeah…I’d love this!

I like this idea a lot. Though wouldn’t they still have a source of income? I sure hope Sil doesn’t get whacked. He’s one of my favorites.