Sororities as harems?

A very good friend of mine who attended Penn State in the early 1990s swears that he overheard a conversation among some pledges to a major sorority the upshot of which was that every member of the pledge class was required to sleep with every member of the sorority’s associated fraternity. He also said that a frat guy he knew said that he got to sleep with all the new pledges of his frat’s associated sorority.

Frankly, I’m extremely sceptical. How can this be true? Why would any self-respecting modern young woman associate herself with any organisation in which this kind of thing goes on?

Does anyone have the straight dope on this? Are sororities de facto harems for their associated fraternities?

As a fraternity member in the early 1990’s, I prayed for this to be true. Unfortunately, it wasn’t - at least on my campus.

This could be true of Penn State. If I had to guess, I’d say Penn State sororities were run as harems for Joe Paterno.
DISCLAIMER: Pitt alum, and thus disposed to believe anything negative about Happy Valley.

Leave out “self-respecting” and it starts to make sense.

I doubt that all sorority members are required to do this but there may be a grain of truth to it. Fraternities commonly have a sister sorority and vice versa. They do have several dedicated socials together throughout the year. It is very common for two members to hook up. There is nothing forced about it. It just tends to happen naturally. It would be a little crazy to require that of all new sorority pledges. Many pledges already have boyfriends at that college or somewhere else. It would be quite unethical to force them to cheat just to be a member.

On the other hand. Many fraternities do run a “little sister” program. I have heard from several reliable sources that female pledges in those types of programs are highly encouraged to serve as bait to attract male pledges and to do what is um, neccessary to get them to join. That is much more believable because the females are joining a male fraternity voluntarily to serve as an honorary member and a helping hand.

I don’t know about the OP, but this is slightly related: According to a GW tour guide, there aren’t any sorrority houses in D.C. because of some law about “X” amount of women living together constitutes a brothel.

Snopes is your friend:

Rhythmdvl, I should have known better. She didn’t say anything about the campus having a rule against it, supposedly it’s a D.C. law. Anyway, that’s what I get for listening to a college tour guide.

At least I know that if a virgin ever graduates from here some of the campus architecture will crumble.

And if you cross the seal you will fail your next exam.

Another late 80’s/early 90’s fraternity member checking in. We did have a little sister program, and we did have a sister sorority. However, none of it was at all sordid (I only wished).

The “little sisters” were usually girlfriends of our members, who would come to our parties, formals, and other activities. No question we used them as ‘bait’ for prospective members, but not by being sex toys. They just allowed us to point out the friendly, attractive little sisters we had.

Some members dated little sisters, and some dated members of our sister sorority, but there was no organized push for women of either group to systematically sleep with our members or prospects (to my disappointment).

Because they want to sleep with a lot of boys?
Why did you write “self-respecting modern young woman” and not “self respecting modern young man”? Are all males expected to be willing to sleep with any possible female?
I don’t know if such a thing exist (though I strongly doubt it), since I’m not american, and fraternity/sorority don’t even exist here. Anyway, assuming it did/does actually exist, since I suppose joining a fraternity/sorority isn’t mandatory, that would be their business. If people are willing to join a “club” where everybody sleep with all the members of the opposite sex (or of the same sex), more power to them.

Pretty much, yeah.

I agree.

That is extremely interesting. I went to college at Tulane in New Orleans and even though I just confirmed there is no such law, this rule is actually warned about and “enforced” because so many officials believe it is true. This article reports students Tulane demonstrating to have the law repealed although no such law can be found on the books. However, even the police and univeristy officials still warn that no more than five females can cohabitate in a house do to city laws regarding a brothel. I can confirm that sororities actually follow this “5 or fewer women to a house law” while fraternities have as many people live in a house as they choose even though the law is actually an urban legend. I have never seen a ficticous law have such a real wide-reaching effect before. Weird huh?

I don’t know if this is a UL or not but have heard that pledges to a certain fraternity are given a condom and a sheep during ‘hell week’. They are told to get in they must, well you know. If they do they are not made brothers, if they don’t they get in.

Sororities as harems?

Splendid idea. Where can I get me one?

Seriously, that notion has been bandied about from outside looking in types for ages. The reality is, however, that sororities serve as excruciating tease/torture devices for hormone infested young college men, causing them to jump through ridiculous hoops and engage in pitifully masochistic dating rituals…

Ah, young love!

Here’s a thought: While I highly doubt that any Greek organization in this country actually has such a rule, I would not be surprised in the least if a senior member told a pledge that there was such a rule, or that a new member would brag about it to an outsider.

And while the brothel thing is a myth, I can testify that college communities often do have very stict and seemingly pointless zoning laws.

Back in my fraternity days, as initiation approached we brothers, whenever a pledge walked by, were heard to say “Baa! Baa!” Nonetheless, none of us were ever forced to fuck sheep. (Although I have to say, after a sheep buys you dinner and a few drinks, you really do owe him something.)


The day before our initiation, members of our fraternity “accidentally” let us overhear their plans for acquiring the sheep for initiation the next evening.

Of course, they were just trying to pull the wool over our eyes. There was nothing so scandalous about the ceremony – we just liked pledges to think there would be.

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