Sorry, but I'm not engaged

I’m 19 years old, and have been dating the same guy (also 19) for nearly 4 years. We both went to the same small-town high school, and now the same university.

All summer long, people (* My friends’ parents, my dental hygentist, and a few others *) have been congratulating me, him, or my parents on our engagement. The problem is, we aren’t engaged. Not that we wouldn’t like to be married one day; it’s just that that day won’t be until we’re done with college.

My boyfriend and I have been trying to think of anything that we’ve said that could have been misconstrued, but so far, nothing comes to mind for either of us.

Has this kind of thing ever happened to any of you dopers? Any advice?


Sorry, closest thing I’ve ever gotten was people who started asking when we were getting married after the first six months we were together. (It got to the point that every time I’d come home for a visit, my grandmother would check my left hand “to make sure I wasn’t forgetting to tell her anything.” :rolleyes:) Out of curiosity, did you mention maybe getting married after college to anybody at any point? This kind of stuff can morph from “They’re gonna get married after they finish school” to “They’re going to get married” to “They’re engaged” in no time flat. In some cases, it can get to the point where you’re getting married next May with fifteen bridesmaids and a honeymoon to Aruba and a $2000 dress before you know anything about it.

I’d say your best bet is likely to be looking very, very confused and asking where they heard that. If you’d like, you can elaborate that you’re considering maybe getting married at some point after you finish college, but you’re certainly not engaged or planning to get that way any time soon.