Sorry, Roger. You tiger now.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not the World’s Biggest Sports Fan. So I’m missing something in this commercial. This guy had had tiger stripes tattooed on his body. He’s trying to get a job as something-or-other but is rebuffed. He points out that he has a really great cellular plan, but the guy on the other end says ‘Sorry, Roger. You tiger now.’ Funny, but I’m missing the larger joke.

This is my current favorite commercial and response to goofy-ass shit my husband says. “Sorry Rogah…you crazy now.”

The gist is: Buyer’s remorse. Roger got tattooed like a tiger. After he realized his mistake, he called the tattoo artist and wanted them removed. Artist tells him that tattos are permanent.

Then Roger gets Comcast telephone and thinks his entire world will change because of it. So he calls tattoo artist and again tries to get the tattoos removed, thinking that using Comcast will make the outcome different. Tattoo Artist says, “Sorry Rogah…you tigah now.”

Ah. I always seem to miss the first couple of seconds of the commercial. I thought he was talking to a team owner or someone. So what’s with all of the sports stuff?

He was such a huge fan that rather than “face painting” he decided to tattoo himself as a tiger. To really emphasize his loyalty to the team. He was prolly way drunk.

Sorry Rogah…you moron now.

I also enjoy that commercial along with others Comcast has put out. I agree with Kalhoun about its interpretation. The guy does have that ultra-gullible look, which I can’t help but wonder may be a hidden message from the ad agency about Comcast! :smiley:

[turtle character] Look…I’m gonna need you to back off. [turtle character/off]

I agree with the hidden message thing. If there is a devil, it is incarnated in Comcast.

Yeah, I’m afraid the Slowskis have run their course (pun – if any – intended) and the stuff about getting the “fast juice” out of the cable to speed up various critical functions like washing dishes has also made its point way on past boring.

Right now, in spite of hating with every fiber of my being the Nationwide spot that has this kreplach opening and closing the garage door of the old gal down the street, the one where the couple is getting ready to celebrate the completion of their second floor with a bottle of champagne and the cork causes the chimney to topple makes me laugh out loud the fifth or sixth time I’ve seen it. I have sworn I’ll never consider Nationwide because of the garage door, but the chimney at least lets me think they’re not all bad.

Tiger Woods, anyone?

The Slowskis shill for Comcast in your neck of the woods?

Huh. First I’ve heard of them. (Non-comcast area.) Up here, we have 3D-animated snails named the Slowskis that push Shaw internet.

Why go to the trouble of switching animals and not make the effort to come up with a name that doesn’t sound like a fifth-grader’s idea?

I love those commercials - and the one with the guy “I know you broke up with me - but that was my last phone. This is my new phone.”
“Don’t call me ever again.”

This morning after a good-sized rain I saw a turtle crossing the street in our neighborhood and immediately thought of the Slowskis. I almost pulled over and moved it to the side of the road, but didn’t. My dad used to bring turtles home for my brother and me to play with until they needed to be let go so they could eat. The flies we would catch and set out for them must have not appealed to them.

No, just a rabid (and somewhat dim-witted) fan of some (probably) mythical sports team called the Tigers. He’s in a room filled with Tigers stuff.

Doofus somehow thinks his phone service will set it all right. As if the tattooed tiger stripes were ordered over the phone?

If this commercial is running in South Carolina, there’s gonna be an ass-load of pissed off Clemson fans.

Well, after they get it explained to them.


Yeah, I work with that kind of idiot all day long. I have one on the phone right now.