Television Commercials You Like

Someone suggested here on the SDMB that I begin a thread like this.
My favorite commercials are these

All of the Excedrin Commercials in which the people look into the camera real seriously and talk about how they have tension headaches with pain in the neck and shoulders and at the end they say “You get tension headache, you take tension headache.”

American Airlines in which the cartoon like guy picks a rose and all throughout the commercial they are playing this jazzy music and at the end of the commercial we see he is not visiting a girlfriend but he is visiting his mother.

A car commercial in which a guy has one foot bigger than the other waaaay bigger but it doesn’t matter when he gets into his car, a volkswagen I think it was.

T-Mobile where the guy faints because of his high phone bill and they need to cut it out of his hands and at the end he is walking around in a hospital gown and sees a hot lady and he says “I feel better”.

Not one person likes one TV Commercial?

Oh yes and I have to add the one where the girl is trying to magically START the car and her dad presses the remote control and the engine revs up and the girl becomes all happy…c’mon people, your saying no dopers like any TV commercials?

I love that T-Mobile commercial! Especially when the ER nurse collapses.

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Oh, forgot to mention something.

I absolutely cannot stand the new “Thank You” (CitiBank, I think) commercials. If some bitch in a grocery store started patting my fat gut and asking when I was due, there’s a decent chance she’d get knocked out and no “thank you” is going to help that.

Well, there are a handful that don’t make me want to throw things at the television and boycott their products, but I wouldn’t exactly say I like them.

Oh, and you have to have patience, darlin’. Sunday night is kind of a slow time for threads like this. You’ll probably get a lot more responses tomorrow when people are at work.

Both the TV and radio ads for Sprint PCS. Specifically, I love the “friendship minutes” and the “kid minutes”.

Glen! Glen, Glen, Glen.

Though I have no idea what the product is being advertised, I love this commercial.

I’m also quite fond of Jack in the Box commercials in general. Each one tells it’s own complete story, they seldom repeat a joke, and they’re consitently funny.

All you footabll fanatics will be seeing this one in the upcoming months during the season.

A guy is walking through a supermarket ailse, when a cashier yells “I’m open”. The guy makes the “I’m about to complete a TD pass” face, and lauches a pineapple at the cashiers head.

I can’t remember what the comercial was trying to sell, but for the last 2 seasons this comercial is a sure highlight to my football seasons.

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More from me, because I watch entirely too much television:

OnStar - All of them. There isn’t one OnStar commercial that I like. Not one. In fact, the whole idea of OnStar creeps me out. I once again saw the one I’d mentioned in That Other Thread and it is, indeed, 28 weeks. There’s another one now with some chick who feels “pressure” and “not quite right”, so she thinks she might be in labor. She’s 31 weeks along.

I love Qwest’s “Dex” commercials. “What do you need, Grandpa?” “Coffee.” “I know # coffee shops!” “No, there by your feet.”

This one’s old. They don’t run it anymore and I can’t even recall the company, but there’s a woman sitting at a table, blahblahblahing about something (probably the company… heh), and her face is polarized (digitized? whatever) to mask her identity. At the end, she reaches for the (milk? creamer? something), which reveals her face. WTF? Hate it.

I hate any commercial about a prescription only medication that features a woman running through a field of daisies, a child playing with a small animal, or any such other “happy” thing, then simply mentions the name of the drug and instructs the viewer to see their doctor. To ask if it’s right for me. Yeah, okay, I’ll run right out and pay a $20 copay so I can ask my doctor about something that turns out to be herpes medication or the next Viagra. Or not.

Body by Victoria (“It’s” Back! – btw, what’s up with the quotation marks there?) has a new-ish commerical with… shit. Drawing a blank on the model, but she was in a Disney movie (she played a Barbie come to life opposite Lindsay Lohan) and, I believe, she started the whole “Target = Tar-ZHAY” thing on Oprah. Anyway, it sucks, whatever. I think the quotation marks bother me most, overall. BANKS! Right? What’s her first name?

I think this entire post is evidence that it’s no longer a good idea for me to remain conscious, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

The Staples ads in general are fairly decent… and they wear pretty well, in that seeing them for the umpty-fifth time you don’t get the urge to heave a brick through the tube.

We should be seeing the “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” back-to-school ads fairly soon now… the deadpan expression on the kids’ faces is priceless.

The Honda commercial with the 16 shots of people shown next to the shots of 16 cars that they look just like, with the tiny music in the background. I will drop everything and run to the TV as soon as I hear that music.

I haven’t seen it in a while though.

I love the “macaroni minutes” type of commercials for cell phones, because they make me so very, very glad I do not have a cell phone.

It’s for Frosted Flakes. The premise is that it’s ok for adults to like the cereal, too. So they have these people behind the digitized dot talking about how they need to hide the fact that they like Frosted Flakes from family, friends, etc. or face ridicule for liking a “kids cereal.”

That’s why she reaches for the milk. I thought it was an amusing commercial.

The one that always cracked me up was for the Burger King (?) chicken sandwiches. In it, they had people randomly burst out into chicken imitations - with flapping elbows, clucking, bobbing heads, etc. The best part was when two guys are moving a large, heavy mirror down the back of a moving truck, and one of the guys suddenly breaks out into acting like a chicken and drops his end of the mirror. Just cracks me up. Good times.

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Oh yeah, the new Corvette commercial. Saw it last night for the first time.

But my current fave is the one for the new DQ iced coffee drink. The woman is blindfolded in a taste test, and runs into a door to get away when the Testing Guy tries to take her drink away. You know it had to hurt filming that.

Now that is a great commercial! I love the part where he sees the other driver and winks. It’s so cute.

Mr Six dancing just cracks me up for some reason.

Here is the comercial from the Six Flags website.

Here’s a current one I like.

A middle-aged guy is giving his at-last-restored Mustang a last stroke or two with a rag as his wife comes home, and he says “Want to go for a ride?” They’re driving along and he turns into the A&W burger joint. She says “I thought we were going for a drive?” He doesn’t answer, just leans forward and flashes the lights. She says “They don’t still do that, do they?”, he answers “Nope”, and as she looks out the front, here comes an equally middle-aged manager with a tray of burgers and root beer. (Can’t you just see her melt?) As he’s passing over her food, she looks at him and says “But you know, I still have to be home by ten,” and they both crack up. (Yeah, it’s sentimental, but I like these people!)

One of my favorite commercials of all time.

By the way, Number Six “Glen, Glen, Glen, Glen” is one of my favorites, and its for Starbucks’ DoubleShot drink. That commercial rocks! Although I pointed out in another thread that the lead singer of Survivor looks an awful lot like Jack Black, and someone else pointed out the he even acts like him in the commercial.