Soul Mate(s)

Do you believe one can have more than one soul mate?

I believe it is possible, the probability is high, there are billions of people to choose from, and there must be a “right place, right time” factor in there somewhere.

If a soul mate “completes you,” perhaps there are situations where one could have a soul mate who “completes you” in a different but equal way, say spiritually vs sexually.


I think the Hollywood-inspired rose-tinted fantasy of One Person, Perfect for Me in Every Way is a load of the most unadulterated balderdash I’ve come across in a long time. Of course you can have more than one soul-mate. Expecting everything from one person is entirely ridiculous.

I have 0 experience being married, and not much more than that dating, but I would venture to guess that nearly every married person in the world “could have done better” (or equally as well with any number of other potential spouses). There are 6 billion+ people in this world, what are the chances your highschool sweetheart really is the best possible match for you in every respect? People who claim to have married their ‘soulmate’ probably didn’t, they just haven’t met all the millions of other potential candidates. But that doesn’t make them any less happy. That said, I think my kinda roundabout point was that the whole notion of ‘there someone out there just for me, with consecutive serial numbers from god’s own assembly line’ is kinda bullshit, people can (and do) grow to live with and love any number of technically not perfect soulmates.

I believe everyone has about 3.3616 billion soul mates for all they know.


The point of dating and having relationships isn’t to find THE ONE. It’s to find someone who you not only love, but respect, cherish, and want to be with for the rest of your life. I sometimes fall into a fantasy of “the one guy who’s meant for me”, then I snap back into reality when I remember that that really isn’t the case. Even two people who are forever in deep, passionate, giddy teenager-y love get on each other’s nerves. The idea is to find someone who is worth going through the bad times for, because the good times are so freaking awesome. :smiley:

I hope you can have more than one. If not I’m pretty much out of luck.

I’m of several minds about this. Some people are always looking for a Bigger Better Deal. For them, marrying your college sweetheart may not be the best idea until you figure out what’s really out there. Other people, they meet, they like each other, they figure “we have everything we need” and it works.

On the other hand, if you spend to much time in short-term relationships, it kind of devalues having someone special because you can always find someone else. Often these people reach their 30s building up in their mind what traits “the one” should have and of course no one ever meets expectations.

In another one of those ‘it’s easy to explain, and yet not.’

You aim to find someone you can easily live with for an extended period of time…

But never EVER pick someone you thing you’re ‘settling for’.

The first girl I got engaged to, I figured that was ‘just what you put up with’. Luckily, it ended badly, two months into the engagement.

The woman I married, required NO relationship maintenance. We just sorta clicked.

11 years later, we came within a hair’s breadth of getting a divorce. We’ve gotten MUCH better since then and are closer than ever.

The point is: The only way you’ll know you married your soul mate, is to wake up one morning, DIE, and still be married to that person.

Yes, I believe there is more than one “The One”.

I don’t believe in soul mates, I don’t believe in The One.

I believe in enjoy what you’ve got while you’ve got it.