South By Southwest Music Festival

I got my wristband yesterday, and I’m looking forward to it! Who’s coming, who’s already here, and who are you going to see?

I’m looking forward especially to:

Cat Power
Yo La Tengo
The B-52’s
HeKill 3
Cephalic Carnage
Schroedinger’s Cat
The Yardbirds
Nashville Pussy


SXSWSX I miss that shirt.

The Yardbirds?

March 13th (Thursday), the Red Elvises are going to be playing at Opal Divine’s. They’re a great rockabilly/surf band consisting of three Russian guys, and apparently, a new American drummer. They’ve got a fairly new line up from the last time I saw them in November, so their set should focus more on their older stuff, but Oleg and Igor are always crowd pleasers, so it should be a great show.

And I’m not sure where, but don’t forget about the Flametrick Subs, Austin’s best local band! I think they’re playing sometime next week. Great psychobilly, and if the Satan’s Cheerleaders are there, GREAT eye candy!

You might enjoy Lucero, a Memphis alt-country band who has been getting a lot of notice lately. If you’ve never heard them, they’re worth a listen.