South Carolina Dopers: The Return of ChuckDope!

Wee! I get to use my 700th post to say stofsky, we will definitely have to do happy hour.

Man, I just love the concept of a DopeFest!

skerri that is a great haircut! :slight_smile:

And yeah, let’s have a Dopefest for pbr’s birthday visit & when stofsky comes into town.

callie come visit us SC Dopers.


Alright. The Last Bump. <dum dum dummmmmm!>

So, tomorrow night, 7PM, Mellow Mushroom. You can’t miss me. I’ll have on a light olive green t-shirt that says “giant” and has a picture of Andre the Giant on it, and cut-off jean shorts. Oh, and the aforementioned “Carrie Bradshaw” hair-do, but with reddish-brown hair.

If I am not standing outside MM at 7, it’s because it’s too frickin’ hot. I will be up at the bar. Probably with a pitcher, as Dave Brown is the best bartender in Charleston, outside of AC’s. :smiley:

Actually, I’d be interested in coming -always kinda’ wanted to go to a Dopefest -not a good weekend for me though. Perhaps it’s a sign I’m getting older, but I’m not as able to do things spur-of-the-moment the way I used to. And I don’t even have kids yet!

Perhaps y’all will do it again soon?

(in Columbia)

Wanna throw in while I’m taking a break from packing that I hope y’all are having a ball. After I get back and work through the maze that is Med. College of GA, I will certainly need three-or-four-ty beers when I have to deal with MUSC, Roper, etc. If someone sees this before the Chuckfest, drink a Maker’s Mark for me, since I’m going to be taking a couple of Tylenol PMs and crashing by 9.

(Don’t feel too sorry for me, though; last time I ate out with my boss, who’ll be at the training session, she spent over a grand to buy drinks and dinner for the region. The time before was just the two of us, and the tab was over $100. I imagine I’ll get my fill of good booze and Maryland Crabcakes.)

(No, do feel sorry for me. I’ll have to be on my best behavior, and I’m not always good at that :))

Whee! A sucessful DopeFest, I think!

I’m still attempting to recover from last night, but I did want to drop in and say that Becky and Slainte showed up, and we had a pretty good time. We’ll definitely have to do this again.

Well, when it gets closer to the 16th, we’ll plan ChuckDope 3: Insert Silly Name Here! And mcms_cricket, hopefully you’ll be able to join us then.

Yep, it was a good time. :slight_smile:

I look forward to meeting stofsky, Mrs stofsky, mcms_cricket, and any other lurker that may care to join us.


Just in case you see this… e-mail me (it’s in my profile) yours is not - I have the contact info about that Programming job.


Oh Holy Cow.
I JUST NOW found this thread. Since it’s now approx. the 26th, and the Chuchfest apparently took place on the 24th, am I correct in believing that I missed it?
This is what happens when you’re lazy.
I need to go back to doing vanity searches, because you just never know when something more exciting than the rental of A Beautiful Mind may be brewing on a Saturday night. :rolleyes:
I’m glad to hear that a good time was had, though.
Next time!

Ooooh! I just missed this thread too.
I live in the Upstate but am planning another trip down to Charleston sometime. (sans kids and husband–Whoohoo!)
Maybe my next trip will conveniently coincide with the next Doper’s meet.

yeah, we missed you sidle. I believe we are meeting up with stofsky on the 16th of September for Adult Beverages :slight_smile: Can ya make it?

I’m marking the 16th down on my oh-so-busy (yeah right!) social calendar right now!

You too, Greywolf73! stofsky, mcms_cricket, and you should all ride together. And maybe once y’all come down here, we Charleston Dopers might make our way up to Columbia for a Dopefest (if you get one organized).

No location as of yet for the 16th… skerri, where are ya? :slight_smile:

Checking in…
I dunno. Anyone got suggestions? I’m up for just about anything. Well, except Level 2. You will never find me in there. Period. :smiley:

Me, I’m always partial to Mellow Mushroom or AC’s. I mean, there are a bunch of places in Charleston to go to, but I’m also partial to the words “cheap happy hour”. :wink:

Oh, and just for the record, the 16th is a Monday. Are any of us “Monday Night Football” people? Because (don’t laugh) generally I spend my Mondays at George’s Sports Bar watching wrestling with my friends’ band. (And some of the guys from 96 Wave.) They have like 30 tvs, and 96 Wave is there giving out prizes. So, whatever you wanna do. I’m pretty much open.

Ugh, a resounding No to Level 2 from me also :slight_smile:

I like the idea of Mellow Mushroom again (possibly followed by a visit to AC’s). Mellow Mushroom works nicely because it has food & beer (for those Dopers who may not partake in the sudsy refreshments). It’d be easier to talk to the Out-of-Town Dopers in this environment as opposed to trying to talk during wrestling… and stofsky said the week of the 16th, I missed that the first go around.

Yeah, George’s was just a suggestion. Besides, I think if poor stofsky flies in/drives in on Monday, the last thing he’s going to want to do is go there. :wink:

AC’s actually serves food, too, after 6PM. They have the BEST cheeseburger ever. And if we go to AC’s around 6 or 7, there won’t really be anyone there. But, it might be easier to get Mellow Mushroom to put some tables together for us, as opposed to sitting in the booths at AC’s.
So, where ever you guys want to go is fine with me. :smiley:

Skerri, the indecisive one…

skerri dahlin’, I meant no offense to George’s or your suggesting it (just in case it came across as such).