South Carolina Dopers: The Return of ChuckDope!

Mwah ha ha! Cecil’s plan must be working, because I notice that there are a lot more South Carolina Dopers now. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be ranked 47th instead of 48th. :smiley:

Which brings me to my point: the time has come for ChuckDope 2: Electric Boogaloo. Ask sidle and Slainte, ChuckDope 1 was loads o’ fun, but it seems like it would be even more fun with lots of people. So, who’s in? Come on, newbies and lurkers… You know it will be fun. Just post a reply, so we can see how many people are up for it, and then we’ll come up with something cool to do.


Heh heh. Who knows, maybe pbrtallboy will even show up…

I can attest to the loads o’ fun :slight_smile:

Count me in! I hope the newbies & lurkers will come out, we promise not to bite (much - unless you’re into that but, that’s another thread entirely!)

We could got to AC’s again or maybe a restaurant if our new Dopers don’t partake in libations.

I’m all up for this. My schedule might be a little wacky while we get settled (moving this weekend), but I would really love to meet y’all. And, while I don’t libate much meself (remember, you can verb any word you want), I sure don’t mind others doing it around me.


Oh, come on… I know there are more than just us!

sidle! Get in here! :smiley: I know we can round up more than just one more person…

Ok. So we have a suggestion of AC’s. (Always fine by me!) I have been emailing sidle, and she said Mellow Mushroom would be good, too. (Especially since I joined the 100 Beer Club and I want to get that over and done with.) And I know the bartenders there, so it won’t be a fight to get a drink or two. :wink:

If we go to Mellow Mushroom, I would suggest a time closer to Happy Hour (4-8), because on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays they have bands playing at 10. (I’m not partial to ‘jam-band’ music so I don’t usually stay for that.) Ok. Anyone else? I know there are lurkers out there… Come on… We promise not to corrupt you too much. :smiley:

Is there a date? I’m in Cola, but I’m working my travel itinerary, and might be able to work in an overnight.

Well, we’re still trying to figure out who can come. I am booked all this weekend. (High school reunion, finishing moving, etc.) Next weekend seems like a better possibility, especially since I’ll be getting paid on Wednesday. (Yay!) And weekends are better for me, at least, because getting up to be at work by 9 AM is not fun after a night out.

skerri, try getting up at 5:30 or 6:00 to be at work at 7:00 :frowning: Not fun. So, I second the “Next Weekend” vote. Mellow Mushroom is fine, I haven’t eaten there yet but it sounds good (and the beer selection: oh my!).

Where are ya, Panther come join us. Becky said she will if she can … stop being so shy, lurkers. :slight_smile:

Mmmmm. Mellow Mushroom…

By the way, they have 126 beers in stock. 12 beers on tap. Like 20 different wines. Pizza. Calzones. Hoagies. Damn. I might have to stop by there on the way home to get something to eat. :smiley:

Slainte, I will have to get up around 7:30 to be at work by 9 starting on Monday. So, while it’s not quite as early, I feel your pain. Especially since I’m used to waking up at 8:45 and being at work by 9. (Thank God for scrubs and ponytails!)

Ok. I’m bumping this so that we can make some decisions.
It looks like Mellow Mushroom is a winner, unless someone else wants to toss in a suggestion.

The restaurant is at 309 King Street. (723-7374) It’s two blocks south of Calhoun Street, directly across from “Ann’s” clothing store. (Once you cross over George Street, it should be the 6th or 7th storefront on the right.) If we go there around 7 on Saturday, there should be parking on King Street or the surrounding side streets. (Don’t park in any College of Charleston lots, as school just got in this week, and they will be towing 24/7 now.)

Once I get rid of these damn Canadians and French kids (:D) maybe we can have a cookout at my house. Right now, there’s not enough people that will speak english. :wink:

7:00 on Saturday sounds good to me :slight_smile:

French kids? I must have missed a thread or something - you taking in exchange students? (Got any around that are around 25 - they don’t need to know English) :smiley:

Heh heh heh. Nope. Well, there’s going to be 2 French kids and 2 French Canadian kids. (My roomie’s little sister and her boyfriend, and their friends from Canada.)

Woo! So far, it’s just me and Slainte. sidle? Who else?

I love Mellow Mushroom! Yay!

Is it this Saturday (counts on fingers) the 24th or the one following?

Either way, I will try to be there. The fiance might be arriving this weekend, and he’s not always the social creature (hell, not that I am either), but I’ll see what I can do.

That would be the 24th. Woo hoo! One more person! :smiley:

stofsky, will you & Mrs stofsky be able to make it?

skerri, how short is your hair now - so we know what to look for. Also, are we meeting outside, at the bar, etc?


oh, I forgot to ask: will pbrtallboy be there, skerri?

A Dopefest with more than 3 people!

Well, if you look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair right here (at the top of the page) you will see what it looks like. But, I still have the brownish red hair. So I should still be noticeable.

I think meeting outside is a good idea, unless it is hot as hell. Then I say we meet at the bar. :smiley:

Whoops. pbr will not be there. But, we may have to have a DopeFest next month when he comes to town for his birthday…:wink:

Where in South Carolina do you guys happen to be? I’m not far away - just on the other side of the Savannah River in Augusta, GA.

callie, we’re in Charleston. Wanna come?

Ooooh. Interstate Dopefest…:smiley:

Unfortunately, no. I have a 5 a.m. flight to Baltimore on the 25th. I will be in Charleston the week of Sept. 16, though, if anyone wants to do happy hour one afternoon.