South Park 11/11/09

All I have to say is, Eric Cartman as Glenn Beck.

Eh, it was OK.

The Smurf section made me laugh and the last joke about Avatar was funny, but the rest was a bit lame and for South Park, late. I mean, the whole Glen Beck thing is something they should have gotten too before now.

6/10, I’d say.

I loved it. I was in tears laughing from the start to the finish.

It is true that Glen Beck needs to be mocked relentlessly and should have been ridiculed years ago, and then in ever episode since along with Sadam.

Little Casey Casum was hilarious.

And Cartman realizing that the president of student counsel does nothing and then gets made fun of by Casey Casum was perfect (as a former class president).

I thought it was the best episode in a while, and Glenn Beck is certainly a worthy target. The ending, with Cartman getting trashed as President and crying that he was doing his best was perfect.

I saw the glen beck thing coming, but it was still hilarious. At one point, I wondered “Is he going to whip out a blackboard?” and less then a minute later, there it was.

Though I think Jon Stewart doing Glen Beck has them beat.

Oh man, I just saw the repeat. Casey Casum getting to rip into “the new school president” was just too perfect.

If you think about it, you will realize that you never see both of them in the same place, at the same time.

Kind of makes you wonder if there really are two of them, or only one…:eek:

Of course, you’re only asking questions. These are just things that the American People want to know!

I enjoyed the stories about Wendy.

“Or does she?”

I love that the show is such that none of the first ten posts comment on a 4th graded getting straight up murdered to open the episode.

Because he was a ginger kid and nobody cares?

I’m not saying I agree, I’m just asking questions.

Yeah, I thought him being ginger was a good throwaway gag, especially considering that they showed the ginger episode just the night before.

I liked the episode. I thought it was a little heavy-handed compared to what they usually do, but they still got the point across. While it was also obviously a rip on Glenn Beck, I think the greater point is that the pundits have marginalized the actual news for their sensationalism. I also think the last couple scenes really brought it home because Wendy’s response showed it comes from both sides and the new announcer made the point that it’s probably permanent change in the way news will be handled. I do think it’s great that, when Cartman finally gets what he finally gets power back, he doesn’t do any better than who he was criticizing, and that seems to be quite the dig at the Democrats too.

So, yeah, Glenn Beck deserved it and it was funny, but I’m glad that they still made the point that it’s not just limited to the most obnoxious and ridiculous pundits, but that news should just be news. I think it’s probably the best among these new sets of episodes so far.

I hope the Casey Kasem kid becomes a regular.

The kid getting murdered over the PA system is the funniest bit they’ve done in years.

(I was already going to Hell; might as well enjoy it).

Also funny was watching the kid’s reactions to it. Most of them just looked bored and annoyed and barely paid attention. Butters was the only one freaking out. I was actually expecting it to be a big joke about acting, expecting them to make fun of Glee, and kept waiting for the “killer” to break character and say, “come try out for the school play.”

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have Cartman tear up and say, “I’m sorry, I just love my school SO MUCH!” Other than that, :slight_smile:

What was the deal with the Smurfs and Avatar? Is the only connection that they both feature blue people, or is there some deeper joke I don’t get because I’m culturally ill-informed?

Avatar also has a plot involving a human going and living among the blue creatures as one of them. I think Dances With Smurfs is not an entirely inaccurate summation of the premise.

We at SDMB love 4th graders, and would be appalled if one was murdered in fiction. However, I seem to recall though that he was a third grader, and we don’t care about those little bastards.