South Park 11/12/08

What was that Bryden kid’s last name – Queermo? Guillermo?


What was that Scott kid’s last name.

No one’s talking about this episode? I love Matt and Trey vicariously speaking through one of the kids that they were getting old. A neighbor I used to hang out with has kids, and she was dumbfounded that I’ve never heard of this ‘High School Musical’. She looked at me in disbelief.

I liked it.

I thought it was a pretty good episode. Kyle singing with his hat off was hilarious.

“I’m gonna slap, slappy slap, slippity slap slap you!”

Cartman had some of the best lines, as usual.

“This. . .is. . . cool?”

“Frickin’ hybrids just don’t do the trick anymore.”

I liked it, but I couldn’t understand why the kids (and presumably Parker and Stone) were so anti-High School Musical, and apparently so anti-singing and dancing in general. After all, South Park is one of the most singing and dancing friendly shows ever. It just didn’t ring true for Stan and the rest to be so against it.

I never saw HSM, but it seemed Matt and Trey have. Maybe they just thought they were annoying musicals.

I think there’s a clue in one of the High School Musical “songs” (I’m assuming it was a fake one!) when all the kids were singing about keeping the status quo. I don’t think they were skewering the concept of a musical set in a high school, just how freaking lame the movie itself is.



Fake, yes. But based on a real song!

Holly crap!! Seeing this in live action is a totally different kind of ‘funny’. :eek:

I don’t think Matt and Trey are anti-musical, they’re anti-hysteria over anything for the most part. I think they were mocking the fact that people go all gaga over stuff like HSM and how vapid it is.


Okay, I haven’t seen any HSM, don’t even know what they’re about, so I have to ask…is that song, within the context of the movie, a joke? They’re telling people not to do anything other then what their good at. I have to assume it’s making a point and that really you should do the opposite.

This is why I’m glad I watched Nickelodeon when I was growing up.

Cartman: I’m Scott Malkinson. I have a lisp and diabetes.

Scott: Hey, Don’t make fun of my diabetes!

Cartman: “Don’t make fun of my diabetes, I’m Scott Malkinson!”

Cartman was hilarious in this one.

Indeed. It’s setting up the “class struggle” that is the subject of the film- a basketball player and a nerdy girl who fall in love and try out for the school musical together, turning the whole clique system on its ear, much to the disappointment of the snooty theater siblings. In this song, we see all the cliques also breaking out and showing their true colors, but being shot down. This will soon change. (The subplot with Mr. Queermo’s son was basically High School Musical in reverse- instead of a basketball player wanting to try out for a musical, a musical star wanting to become a basketball player. Of course, in the South Park universe, nobody gets together in song to celebrate their differences- they all go to see that basketball player instead.)

Geez, I sound like a philosopher or something. I think that makes it all the more amusing.

Whoa! I had no idea.

How did this get so popular?