South Park 11/18/09 "Pee"

Worst…Episode…Ever (or so far)

There, I said it…

The last few episodes of South Park have been dissapointing, but they hit a new low with this one, not once did I even crack a smile, this episode was, to quote Cartman, both “lame” and “weak”…

Toilet “humor” is NOT FUNNY (at least not to me…) so an entire episode based around such “humor” is undoubtedly going to leave me cold (I’m not a fan of the Mr. Hankey eps , or any of the other fecal-related eps like More Crap either)

It was obvious to me, as soon as I saw the name of the water park (Pee Pee’s) that this was going to be a groaner, most likely urine-based, it was also a weak parody of disaster films, especially the most current disaster film “2012”

Yes, Cartman has always been an uncouth, low, crude, racist sociopath, but even his racist/sociopathic tendencies were a tad over the top in this one, Matt and Trey were most likely purposely trying to wind up the viewing audience with Cartman’s over-the-top jerkish behavior here

About halfway in, I stopped seriously watching it and began surfing YouTube for some more amusing stuff like old Rowan Atkinson skits, and once I found his Doctor Who parody skit The Curse of Fatal Death, South Park could not compare…

Hmm, watch a substandard, lowbrow, urine-based, BORING episode of South Park, or watch Rowan Atkinson’s bitter, cynical, acerbic take on Doctor Who, or should I say, Doctor Blackadder…

Sorry Matt and Trey, you can’t compete with the comedy genius of Mr. Atkinson…

I also thought it was horrible. I’ve been very disappointed in this season for the most part.

I’ve enjoyed this season, for the most part. I didn’t care too much for last weeks but this weeks was horrid.

Isn’t it like super-winter in Colorado now too?

I am glad I missed it now. Also thanks for reminding folks of the greatness of Rowan Atkinson.

THAT was the season finale???

Wow… I thought the season was going pretty well. Too much making fun of movies and tv shows, sure, but still funny. This episode proved unwatchable.

It was as bad as pips episode.

Actually, I’d rate this episode lower than “Pip”, as that episode was amusing with the liberties they took with the Dickens classic, and Malcom McDowell as “A British Person” was also fun, him playing against typecasting, as he usually plays nutters/psychos

I think it’s one of the weakest episodes in recent memory and a lot of it was over the top, but it certainly isn’t the worst episode ever. I still found the adults dealing with the “cure” to be mildly amusing, even if it was a South Park typical correlation does not equal causation sort of bit. I also found all of Kyle’s disgust at people peeing in pools, in showers, and not washing their hands to be an interesting take on a lot of that sort of hypocricy.

But yeah, the main plot with the park being overrun with pee, and cartman’s side plot were both just dumb. At least in most episodes with a weak main plot, there’s an interesting side plot but, meh… If that is the season finale, I am pretty disappointed.

So none of you are going to see “2012” either, are you?

I’ll go see it…when it’s out on DVD and there’s a Rifftrax for it…

I thought this one was a vast improvement bringing quality back up to the level of only watchable.

Weird half season. I thought that “Butter’s Bottom Bitch,” “W.T.F.,” and “Dances With Smurfs” were really excellent, not at all out of place with the show’s best episodes. Meanwhile, “Dead Celebrities,” “The F Word,” and “Pee” were some of the worst eps ever. (“Whale Whores” was pretty ok.)

Oh well. Probably better to have inconsistent greatness than consistent goodness.

Oh please… it was nothing special, but it wasn’t even close to worst ever. Did you forget that damned episode with Oprah’s talking vagina?

I did almost vomit when he drank the pee, though.

Boy are you watching the wrong show, if that’s your opinion.

Bah, it was all worth it just to hear Butters say to Cartman, “Aw, man you mean you survived?”

Just saw this but missed the last two minutes due to Tivo. What happened after they gave the kids the bananas to eat?

Also, I’m not sure what the “message” was. Is it that minorities in America seem really gross like peeing in the pool/shower but rationally there’s nothing to be afraid of?
The one thing that kind of made me laugh is how it seemed to mirror a lot of SDMB conversations. I myself have found myself in Kyle’s role with the whole, “People DO that?!” reaction to peeing in pools and showers.

The disaster movie spoof on South Park has been done to death, though.

ETA: Sorry to bump but I just saw this last night!

[spoiler]Kyle protested because he dislikes bananas. Officer Stevens pointed his gun at Kyle and said, "Eat the banana or we have to put you down! " Kyle screamed in frustration.

End of episode.[/spoiler]