South Park Q about Mr. Slave

Why does Mr. Slave only say “Jesus Christ”?

Why does Timmy only say “Tim-ay?” It’s just one of those South Park jokes.

It’s not the only thing he says, either. In the episode-before-last, he intervened in a fight between Mr. Garrison and Kyle.

Well, Timmy says “Tim-ay!” because he’s mentally challenged, and ostensibly that’s all he knows. Not sure that’d be the case with Mr. Slave.

He’s an adult living in South Park. It applies.

Because it’s freaking hilarious. He’s probably the best add-on character since the original cast (except maybe towlie.)

Timmy can also say, “Gobbles!”

In his very first appearance in the “tolerance” episode mr. slave says, “remember I get half” in reference to the lawsuit Mr. Garrison plans to file when he’s fired for being gay

because he is only shown seeing shocking things or doing sexual things… both times people say jesus christ

Because he’s obviously very religious.

No, he just knows Jesus very well. They were friends back before Jesus 'n Pals hit it big.

And “Living-a-lie!”.