Yeah, definately going to hell

Warning to anyone who is offended by religious humor…Stay away from this link. Consider yourselves warned.
Now, for the rest of us – this is pretty damn funny.

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I draw the line at mocking my savior but I have to admit that the “hang in there baby” sign took a warped mind.

I saw it on OpalCat’s forum.

I laughed then, I laugh now.

And yes, I am a Christian.


Jesus in daisy dukes. Scary.

Oh yeah, in a fuckin’ handbasket…

While the “hang in there baby” was bad, wasn’t it John Larroquette who said that he just couldn’t join a religion that used a dead boy on a stick as it’s logo?

Oh Lord, that chapped a few Catholics…

Bah hah hahahahhahah. That’s great.

Bwahahahaha!! That one goes right in my favorites list! LoL :smiley:

So Jesus enters an inn, goes up to the innkeeper, puts three nails on the counter, and says “Can you put me up for the night?”

Sorry. :slight_smile: