South Park: Time to hang it up?

After a hit or miss season last time around, they lead off with a couple of really weak ones. Despite a ripe and richly deserving target for the season opener, they failed to deliver the yuks, and the second installment was pretty pointless. Have Matt and Trey run out of steam? Sad to say, as I really like the show, it’s starting to look like it.

As long as the ratings are good they’re not gonna cancel a show because you didn’t like the last 2 episodes.

For the record I agree that they weren’t great episodes, but I’m not going to stop being a fan of a 14-year series because of that either. Comedy is always a little hit and miss: even the great shows can’t deliver a magnum opus every single week.

I’m not saying I’ll quit watching it just yet, but last season they were batting maybe .400, and so far they are zero for two this season. Anyone know what the next ep is going to be about?

They weren’t great episodes, no, but they weren’t bad episodes either. I certainly enjoyed them. Are we so used to seeing brilliance that we can’t accept merely good from these guys?

As for last season, aside from the horrible final episode ‘Pee’, they were all good or great, with a couple outstanding offerings.

I laughed my ass off watching the Tiger Woods episode.

I thought Scrotie McBoogerballs was a masterpiece… poor Sarah Jessica Parker…

The second ep this season was simply atrocious. Almost as bad as the most recent Simpsons episode. Can’t I have fond memories of these shows, instead of terrible, tacked-on-at-the-end disasters?


Don’t we have this thread every season? Probably for the life of the board.

I didn’t think much of the first episode about sex addiction, but I liked the second episode. I hated Catcher in the Rye and thoroughly enjoyed their little jabs at it. “There’s nothing controversial in this book! It’s just some kid whining about what a loser he is!” I liked Butters’s hip author look. I remember my high school and college lit classes well and I agree with Parker and Stone that a lot of the time people are reaching for interpretations that just really aren’t in the text. I agree that the last two seasons have been a little weak, but have produced some fantastic episodes, like Major Boobage, Eek a Penis, Fatbeard, and Butters Bottom bitch. Major Boobage and Fatbeard both stand out as pure comedic gold and excellent social commentary.

The critics agree.

Last season had some AMAZING episodes. Pirates was great, Butters bottom bitch was astounding. Pee was ok, Whale whores was pretty good, and I like Margaritaville.

I think Southpark is still one of the best shows out there; certainly better than the Simpsons these days. That, of course, is IMHO.

South Park has always been the most hit-or-miss show. I haven’t seen the two latest episodes, but I’m not worried to hear they were bad - if they’re true to form, they still have a couple brilliant ones to come this season.

I think Trey & Matt realized they’ve run out of steam long before any of the viewers have. They’ve been on the verge of hanging it up on the show many times, but I think they just can’t walk away from the money they make from it, so now they do the bare minimum (10 episodes a year) and try to put them off as much as possible.

Christmas Woodland Creatures was the fastest made episode in the history of the show. They sat around for 5 days trying to figure out what to do for the Christmas episode, with no good ideas, and the DAY before it was going to air, Matt was on his way over to Comedy Central’s office to tell them that there wasn’t going to be an episode this week, when he heard a commercial on the radio for that Otter Jugband Christmas special, and the whole idea for the Woodland Critters episode flew thru his head, and they got the episode finished a couple HOURS before it aired. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the way it’s been the last couple years. Seems like they have a couple of episode ideas they’ve been sitting on for a while (like the Tiger Woods and Billy Mays episodes, which were already out of date when they air) and then they have to fill everything else in with last minute ideas.