South Park: What's The Deal With Towelie?

      • I like watching South Park, but normally don’t have time. Last couple days I have, and they showed the episode where the three guys fire Butters and are conducting a contest to find a new friend.
  • Why is Towelie always high? I liked the bit about how he tries to play “Stairway to Heaven” for the talent show, but I never saw anything explaining his being high during the episode. Is there something I’ve missed? - DougC

Did you see the originally Towelie episode?

Towelie’s just… high. That’s who Towelie is. Asking why he’s high is like asking why Cartman’s so fat, and why Kenny always wore his hood laced so tightly, and why Kyle (?) never takes his hat off… Towelie gets high. ::shrug::

Gah - I meant original. Forget the superfluous “ly.”

It’s just his character note, mostly included so Matt and Trey can openly mock the people who make up the majority of their fan base.

I thought his “problem” was part of the parody used for his character…Taking an innocuous 1950’s corporate mascot character and making him a hopeless stoner in his private life.
(“That’s it! Brake angrily, Kenny!”)

They also made several references to the “HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in his first episode which (the Guide) of course advised you to always bring a towel. Has he been around since before Adams died?

That’s the only other thing that stuck out about him for me, besides him always being high and his corporate spokes person persona.

Oh my god, Osiris, I never made that connection.

The first Towelie episode appeared August 8, 2001. Douglas Adams died in May of 2001. So it’s possible.

Wanna get high?

Oh my god…I never made it either! Wow, do I feel dumb.

But yeah, that first Towelie episode rocked. I didn’t know they were making him more of a regular, though. I remember seeing the Afghanistan episode- I absolutely creamed myself over his line, “Then am I to believe…there is a…Towelie-ban in effect?” Hehe. I’m one of thoses peole who actually wishes they had a towelie towel like the one in the commercial. :slight_smile:

Towelie is always trying to get high. It is what he does.

But I love the other little kid Butters now that Kenny is dead. Do not of course forget pip.

Well, now you’re going to have to love, or at least tolerate, Tweek!